Patch on the way to reduce Bloodborne load times

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PlayStation 4 gamers rejoice as an update is on the way to improve performance and kill long load times in the best-selling exclusive Bloodborne.

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The critically acclaimed action-RPG title, which is exclusive to Sony's PS4 console, has shot to the top of the charts after selling more than 1 million copies worldwide inside the first month.

The game has been hugely popular with consumers and reviewers alike and currently has a Metacritic score of 93. But one of two big criticisms of the From Software game was lengthy load times - of around 40 seconds or more each time you die (which believe me will be a lot) and a lack of save points.

The load times issue, as well as general performance improvements, look like being fixed when the 1.03 patch lands later this month, according to Sony's PlayStation.Blog website.

In an official announcement on Tuesday, a spokesman for From Software said: "We are amazed and very grateful for the way in which the community has embraced Bloodborne. Thank you to everyone who has supported the project!

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"We wanted to provide some more information regarding the next patch for Bloodborne. As we confirmed previously, the 1.03 update seeks to reduce certain load times in addition to performance optimisations.

"The patch also resolves an issue that resulted in abnormal game behavior after many continuous hours of play. Additional fixes will be included as well."

The game's developers are working towards a global release of the 1.03 patch 'before the end of the month' and pledged to provide more specific timing as soon as possible.

There was some bad news for Bloodborne addicts, though, as the spokesman warned that online play will need to be disabled for a 'short period of time to facilitate server-side updates'.

"In this case, and in the case of any future server maintenance downtime, it has been determined that starting at 9am GMT on a non-Friday weeknight will disrupt the fewest players globally," the spokesman said.

"We will target this time for any necessary future server maintenance downtime, which will only last a couple hours in each instance. On behalf of the Bloodborne development team, thank you for your ongoing passion and support."

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