A selection of football fans have taken to the motorway to play football.

Football is known to be a sport for courage and bravery in the face of adversity, and a number of fans have taken it into their own hands to prove themselves in this situation.

With a standstill on the M25, a selection of drivers have decided to get out their cars and start having a kick around on the opposite lanes.

Obviously their actions did not go unnoticed, and there was a big crowd of spectators keeping track of their progress.

Specifically, one party kept a keen focus on the keen footballers’ skills - but unfortunately it was not a team sending their scouts out to look at potential new signings.

The Kent Police heard the news and issued a warning to the offending footballers, telling them to stay in their vehicles in the static traffic.

Obviously staying in their cars would do little to their chances at playing, and it is unclear whether the message from the police was heeded.

Regardless, these brave souls have proven themselves to be some of the most courageous footballers in the country with their motorway antics - even if their actions were very dangerous.

We would never tell anyone to repeat these actions willingly, but it sure would be fun to watch a professional football match on the motorway - it is certainly a better surface than a number of Football League pitches.

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