Lib Dem poll bounce: Cleggmania 2.0?

YouGov's poll for the Sunday Times puts the Lib Dems up three points on 10% just 3% behind UKIP. Could this be significant?

The poll gave the following overall results:

Conservatives 34%. Labour 33%. UKIP 13%. Lib Dems 10%. Greens 4%.

The 10% for the Liberal Democrats is the highest seen for some time in these YouGov polls, something that could be indicating a pre-election bounce for the Liberal Democrats as they stress their message of a stronger economy and a fairer society and how well they have done by being in government.

Furthermore, this could arguably be partially down to the seven-way TV debate in which Nick Clegg put on a decent performance. His political attacks in David Cameron's direction were a clear attempt to distinguish his party from his senior coalition partners. This could be playing well with the electorate.

In addition to this, the poll also showed a boost in Nick Clegg's approval ratings for those who watched all or some of the debate. Of all respondents 29% said they thought he was doing well as Lib Dem leader whilst 34% of those who watched all of the debate agreed, indicating that those who watched might have been swayed by the Lib Dem leader as he faced six other leaders on Thursday night. Of those who watched none of the debate 20% thought he was doing well.

On the other hand, a three point jump could be within the margin of error and this could be nothing. But if it isn't, looking out for the overall trend in regards to this will be important.

Of course even if the Liberal Democrats are seeing a boost in support it does not mean the start of Cleggmania 2.0. However, the debate has likely helped the party in their attempt to distinguish themselves from the Tories, something which could help them marginally on the 7th of May.

32 days to go.

The full results of the poll can be accessed here. 1,906 respondents were questioned between the 3rd and 4th of April.


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