The upcoming PC release of Rockstar Games Grand Theft Auto V has been teased further with new screenshots.

Grand Theft Auto V arrives on PC in little over two weeks, on 14th April, in fact. If you’re not too hyped about the game being released on PC, perhaps this new set of screenshots for the ‘master race’ version will change your mind.

Developers Rockstar Games released fifteen new in-game shots of GTA V today, and it’s looking good. Really good.

Included in the new images are shots of the game’s three protagonists; Michael; Trevor; and Franklin. Each of them are in various locales, and looking better than ever before.

Not only does it look like Rockstar have done a stellar job of boosting an already brilliant game’s graphics, but you can be sure the PC modding community are going to add in some features we don’t even know we should be excited about yet.

Check out the new images below – just click on them to view a larger version.

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