Conservatives ahead in the polls - will Cameron remain Prime Minister?

For a along time the polls have placed Labour and the Tories almost neck and neck, but are the Conservatives gaining ground?

YouGov’s latest poll, for the Sun, has put David Cameron’s party on 36%, the same share of the vote they got in 2010. This share is two points ahead of Labour's. The poll also put UKIP on 14% and the Greens on 6%. Additionally, in bad news for the Liberal Democrats, the poll put the party on a low of 5%.

Furthermore, the previous YouGov poll gave Cameron’s party a three point lead (35% - 32%). This poll put UKIP on 15%, the Greens on 5% and the Liberal Democrats on 7%.

These polls also come after a Guardian - ICM survey from two weeks ago, which put the Conservatives four points ahead of Labour, and up six points from the previous poll.

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These leads for David Cameron’s party could just be blips in the polls or they could be start of a turning tide in the Conservatives’ favour.

With the election still just over two months away there is time for all the party’s to make an impact. And whilst polls can be good snapshots of the public mood, the main poll that matters is the one on May 7th.

YouGov's poll giving the Tories a two point lead also suggests that immigration and asylum is seen as the most important issue currently facing the country, with 50% picking it. Furthermore, 46% chose the economy and 42% chose health ahead of a whole range of other issues. Respondents could choose up to three options.

As for the issues that people think are most important to their families currently, 43% said the economy, 38% said health, 29% said pensions. For this just 20% said immigration was one of the most important issues.

Overall, the poll still puts the two main parties within points of each other. But if the Conservatives continue to lead in the coming weeks then David Cameron could be returning to Number Ten for another spell as Prime Minister.

See the results of YouGov's latest poll here. 1701 GB adults were questioned between teh 2nd and 3rd of March.


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