Boris ahead in future Tory leadership poll - but only just

The latest poll on who will lead the Tories after David Cameron puts Boris Johnson just ahead of Theresa May.

The poll of party members, conducted by 'Conservative Home' asked 687 people who they think should take the job of party leader after Mr Cameron.

With the election just around the corner and the polls being as tight as they are such speculations could just become reality.

In good news for the Mayor Of London, who is poised to return to Westminster in May, he came out on top with 22% of the vote - down three from the previous poll. Close behind him came Theresa May, suggesting that the two are the clear front runners if Cameron resigns his position - something which will ultimately depend on if he can stay in Number Ten following the election.

The poll put Theresa May on 20% - also three points less than last time.

Paul Goodman of Conservative Home made this observation about May:

“This is Theresa May’s third monthly fall, from 27 per cent to 23 per cent last month and now 20 per cent. Most of the responses were completed before the announcement of last week’s immigration figures.”

A few months ago May led in the polls.

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Johnson is leading now - but only just. It is clear that he and May are the front-runners, but there are other candidates in this future leadership contest who could enter the race. The poll put Sajid Javid in third place on 14% - up three points. In fourth came Liam Fox on 12% (up three) and in fourth came George Osbourne on 9% - up one point.

We could be five years from a change in Conservative leadership. We could even be ten years from it. Or we could be two months away. If it is the latter then with May and Johnson leading in the polls, then party could be in for an interesting post election battle with all candidates making the case to unite the party after an election defeat.

The full results of the poll can be found here.


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