Weekend Playlist: Dancing with the Devil

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The Weekend Playlist series takes a look at what Adam has been playing this week - Diablo III: Reaper of Souls.

Welcome one and all to the Weekend Playlist, where the HITC editors talk a little about what they have been playing recently. And it's my turn today!

This week my girlfriend has been home from University, which means most of my gaming time is filled with co-op games, as she likes to play too. Our favourite game to play together is probably Diablo III: Reaper of Souls, which is actually more fun to play with someone rather than alone, in my opinion.

The 'Dancing with the Devil' in my headline above refers to Diablo in the game. OK, I know he isn't exactly the Devil, but he has pointy horns at least. I wanted to make that clear, before you assume I'm referring to my girlfriend, which I'm clearly not - she's lovely, honest!

Most of the time when my girlfriend is home she has a lot of studying to do, which leaves little to no time for gaming, but this week she literally has no studying to do whatsoever, so we've played quite a lot of Diablo III. Hoorah!

A particular milestone we've hit in Diablo III this week is actually finishing the game. We had reached Act V, the games final area in the new Reaper of Souls expansion, a few months ago, but had been waiting for some extra free time to dedicate to completing it. It was certainly a relief to finish the game after waiting what felt like an age to finally get around to it.

But, as any Diablo III player would know, the game isn't finished there (does it ever truly end?), as in a recent patch an 'Adventure Mode' was added to the game, which allows players to freely move through all of the game's five acts and complete bounties. These bounties ask you to travel to a certain area or dungeon and complete one of many random quests. Such quests include killing specific enemies, clearing an area of enemies, finding treasure, and many more.

The addition of Adventure Mode also comes with new types of those pesky little Treasure Goblins, along with Nephalim Rifts and Greater Rifts, which are special portals which transport you to greater challenges for even greater rewards.

Most of the time Diablo III can be quite a relaxing game for us to play, as we often find ourselves mindlessly thrashing through hordes of enemies without little thought or difficulty. Although, we have ramped up the difficulty level to 'Torment I', which is around the middle range of difficulty settings. We're still quite effortlessly working our way through the bounties now, with the odd challenge which makes us raise an eyebrow here and there, but we may look to amp things up soon if it's proving too easy.

Our main goal with Diablo III: Reaper of Souls was to finish the game together, which we have now done, but our new goal is to make our characters as powerful as possible by tackling Adventure Mode. And I think we're going to be playing Diablo III for a long, long time to ever be satisfied with that.

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