Half of UKIP voters admit to being ‘racially prejudiced’

New research has found that half of UKIP voters admit to being prejudiced against other races, and over a quarter say they are racist.

When the pollster YouGov asked UKIP supporters whether they would describe themselves as prejudiced against “people of other races”, only 49% said they were not.

42% of UKIP voters said they were “a little prejudiced”, while 6% said they were “very prejudiced” against other races.

This was far higher than any other party. 60% of Conservative supporters say they were not prejudiced against other races, while for Labour and Lib Dem supporters this was much higher, with 72% and 73% respectively claiming they were not racially prejudiced.

As a whole, 66% of the public said they were not prejudiced against other races.

Also included in the YouGov poll was a question that asked “Do you personally have views that you think are racist?” A staggering 28% of UKIP voters admitted having “some views” that they themselves believed were racist.

Perhaps surprisingly, 22% of Conservative voters and 13% of Labour voters also admitted to having views that they believed were racist. 16% of the public as a whole believed they held some views that were racist.

Most worrying for the UKIP leadership was that this poll put UKIP on 13% in the national voting intentions, the lowest YouGov has shown this year. If this were replicated in the general election, UKIP would be unlikely to see many, if any, gains in May.

Full results of this poll can be found here.

YouGov interviewed 1568 adults from Great Britain between 19th-20th February 2015.  

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