Valentine’s Day hits Steam with games like Borderlands, Saints Row, and Portal 2 on offer later today.

Are you not one for the traditional Valentine’s Day gift? Well, good news, Steam are having a sale this Valentine’s weekend, so you can gift that special someone a game or two.

All of the games on offer have co-op, so once you’ve bought them you can play together with your Valentine. Or you could just buy them for yourself, and play alone, that’s cool too.

Easy recommendations are the Borderlands and Saints Row games, along with Portal 2. Or if you you like to forage, build and craft in a 2D Minecraft-style world, Terraria is for you.

The sale doesn’t actually begin until 10am PST (6pm GMT) today, but they have listed all the games that will be discounted, so you can take a look and pick out the ones you want ahead of time over here.

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