GameStop's old retail training video - talking to women in the store

GameStop used to have this video as a training tool for its staff, and it's worrying.

Here's something that's both hilarious, and incredibly disturbing at the same time. It's a training video once used to train employees at the GameStop video games retailer in the US.

This video has been around for quite a long time, but it's the first time I've ever seen it, so I imagine there may be one or two of you in the same boat as me. The video is specifically centered around how sales assistants should approach and speak to women who enter the GameStop stores.

Picture the scene, you walk into GameStop, or any games retailer in your area, and a shop assistant approaches you. Generally here in the UK they would ask 'do you need any help?', to which I reply 'no, thank you' 99% of the time. This is because of two reasons; one, I know what I'm going in there for; and two, I don't want them peddling any 'promotions' or 'game disc insurance' to me. But, they usually end up attempting to do so by the time I'm paying for whatever I've picked up anyway. They always try to get you, don't they.

However, if you were female, GameStop had you split into some ridiculous categories, each with their own method of approach and promotion pitch.

I've seen my fair share of company training videos over the years, and whilst they were mostly terrible, low-budget affairs, they did get some kind of relevant message across eventually. But this, this is... well, it's something else. If I didn't know this video was serious, I'd have thought it was some poor attempt at a comedy sketch. Give it a watch below, if you can manage to sit through it all.

Thanks, Polygon.

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