The developers have released new footage for the Sony console port.

Kalypso Media have revealed the first footage for their PlayStation 4 version of construction and management sim Tropico 5.

Over on the PlaySation blog, Kalypso producer Timo Thomas gave details about the PS4 version of the game, saying that the game’s controls have been “adapted to suit the console gamer”, and it runs in full 1080p at 30 frames per second.

In Tropico 5 players are cast as El Presidente, and rule a small island called Tropico, in the Caribbean. You must use everything at your disposal in order to stay in power, and that means either becoming a dictator, a man of the people, or whatever you choose.

This is the first time a Tropico game will come to a PlayStation console – Tropico 5 was previously released on Xbox 360 and PC last year.

Tropico 5 launches on PlayStation 4 some time this year. Check out the first gameplay footage in the video below.

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