The Order 1986 is definitely something we would play

The Order 1986 Corridor Digital screen 1

Corridor Digital have created another great video, and this time it's used The Order: 1886 as its theme.

Ready At Dawn and Sony's upcoming PS4 exclusive, The Order: 1886, has been given the Corridor Digital treatment in the latest trailer. With the game due for release on 20th February, and it's about time for a parody video, right? 

The Order 1986 jumps the game's 1886 setting forward a full 100 years, straight into an 80s hair metal video shoot, which is soon taken over by an angry lycan.

Eventually the video cuts to a pitch for the 1986 parody, and the directors soon realise they were 100 years out on their idea.

Anyway, watch the video below. We would totally play The Order 1986 - make it happen, Ready At Dawn!

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