The Witness, new game from Braid creator nears completion

The Witness Cover

Jonathan Blow’s upcoming puzzler reaches the puzzle complete stage

Jonathan Blow, the creator of hit time-bending platform puzzler Braid is working on a new puzzle game, and for those keen to play his latest work, the news is now out that the game has reached the puzzle complete milestone.

This means that all the puzzles in The Witness are now ready. Blow reports there are currently 677 puzzles in the game although this number could be subject to change before it finally releases. Blow has taken to The Witness blog page to explain however that despite reaching this stage there is still more work to be done.

“It does *not* mean that the game is done. We still have a lot to do! But it *does* mean that the nature of the work changes and becomes simpler, because we don’t have to be making high-level creative decisions any more,” writes Blow. “It is now much more about turning the finish-the-game crank (making sure stuff plays well and polishing it up) for anything related to game design, modeling and texturing.

“There are a few categories that still need creative decisions (story stuff, the menu system, etc), but for those of you who are awaiting the game’s release, this is pretty good news.”

Blow went on to add that there are currently no plans for a physical release of The Witness saying, "I know it’s cool to have a physical package of a game but there aren’t any plans for this at the current time. Maybe that will change shortly after release, I dunno!”

The Witness is penciled in for a 2015 release and will be available for PC and PS4 when it arrives.

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