Capcom move Dragon’s Dogma into the MMO space

Dragon's Dogma Online Cover

The pawn controlling fantasy RPG’s sequel will be a free-to-play MMORPG paid for by microtransactions.

Japanese gaming site Famitsu has reported an announcement that will no doubt divide opinion within the Dragon’s Dogma fanbase, Capcom has revealed that the sequel to the game will be an MMO.

Further digging up by NeoGAF users reveals the game will be a free to play MMO available for PC, PS3 and PS4 that will be funded by microtransactions. Set in a fully realised open world, the game will have lobbies supporting up to 100 players. Four player parties can be put together from a mix of players and Dogma’s AI pawns and 8 player matchmaking raids will be available. The already roboust character creator is going to be more extensive with the new game, updates are planned to expand the game world and playale classes such as fighters, hunters, preists and shield sages have been mentioned.

For fans of Dragon’s Dogma’s combat which had some cool features (such as being able to jump onto the back of giant creatures( the good news is that the similar action based battles can be expected with the new game.

So far Dragon’s Dogma online is only coming out in Japan and a Capcom UK spokesperson has been quoted by Eurogamer to say there “are no plans to release Dragon’s Dogma Online in the west”. That said it’s fairly common for western release talk to be put aside with the release of title in Japan (see Deep Down). Apparently, despite a serious time sink put into Dragon’s Dogma on my part this game wasn’t so well received outside of Japan. While I’m immediately put off by the foul stench of microtransactions, the appeal of mixing up you and your pawns with other players makes me hopeful Dragon’s Dogma Online heads westwards.

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