WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Results Part 2


Rating & Reviewing the matches from this year's Royal Rumble.

In part one we saw a six man tag match, The Ascension face some legends, the tag team title was defended and Paige & Natalya faced The Bella Twins.

To read more about those matches click below.

WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Results Part 1


But now it is time to find out what happened in the WWE World Heavyweight Championship match and the Royal Rumble.


John Cena Vs. Seth Rollins Vs. Brock Lesnar (WWE World Heavyweight Championship Triple Threat Match)

After months of build up the time was finally upon us to find out what would happen to the WWE World Heavyweight Championship.

The match started well, Lesnar exploding on Rollins with a German Suplex before turning to Cena to deliver the same move. After this Rollins ran away and Lesnar destroyed Cena with German Suplex after German Suplex, reminding us of Summerslam 2014. With Cena out of it Rollins decided it was his chance to attack Lesnar. This doesn’t go to plan however and Lesnar gets him into position for another German Suplex, at this point J&J Security get in the ring and they join Rollins in beating Lesnar. The Beast fights back and knocks Rollins out of the ring before hitting a double suplex on J&J. After this the match evened up with Cena & Rollins eventually working together to attack Lesnar. Cena hits him with an AA, Rollins hits him with a Kerb Stomp and Cena hits Rollins with a huge slam. Lesnar kicks out as Cena tries to pin him. There were some awesome moments in this match, Lesnar catching Rollins in mid-air before hitting him with an F-5 being one of them. The match was then taken to the outside of the ring as Cena hit Lesnar with a Spear, sending him through the Steel Steps. Still dazed Lesnar laid down on the Spanish Announce Table, Rollins seized the opportunity and Hit an elbow drop from the top rope, putting Lesnar through the table and seeming out of the match. After this Rollins and Cena had a great match which was very evenly balanced. Doctors came to ringside and Michael Cole announced that Lesnar had a Broken Rib and possibly further injuries. The match finished with Cena hitting two AA’s on Rollins then a double AA on J&J Security. Rollins got up and managed to hit Cena with a Kerb Stomp before Lesnar stormed back into the ring, hitting Rollins with an F-5 followed by the pinfall.

Most of us thought that Lesnar would be losing the title but it seems the part time champion will hold on to his title until at least Wrestlemania. It has to be said that whilst we would like to see a new champion, especially one that would be on Raw and Smackdown week in, week out, this was a fantastic match and the ending was jaw dropping.

Match Rating 10/10


30 Man Royal Rumble Battle Royal

The rumble always brings surprises, some good and some bad but what would this year’s rumble have in store. Roman Reigns was controversially being touted as favourite but the likes of Daniel Bryan, Dean Ambrose and Big Show were all in with a chance so how did it go down? Let’s break it down.

Entrant 1 – The Miz

Entrant 2 – R-Truth

So The Miz and R-Truth would kick things off and they would brawl until the next entrant would come out.

Entrant 3 – Bubba Ray Dudley

ECW, ECW, ECW, ECW and so on. The crowd erupted as Bubba Ray made his way to the ring, there’s always old legends in the Rumble but isn’t he still signed to TNA? Either way we were ecstatic to see him and he gave The Miz a proper beat down before telling R-Truth to ‘Get the tables’. R-Truth didn’t get the tables but he did climb to the corner for the classic head-butt to the groin, followed by a 3D. This lead to the first eliminations as Bubba Ray dispatched his fellow competitors.

Elimination 1 – The Miz (Bubba Ray Dudley)

Elimination 2 – R-Truth (Bubba Ray Dudley)

Entrant 4 – Luke Harper

Quick brawl between Bubba and Harper before the lights went out.

Entrant 5 – Bray Wyatt

Elimination 3 – Bubba Ray Dudley (Bray Wyatt)

The first Boos of the Rumble as Bubba Ray was dumped out by Wyatt and Harper who joined forces.

Entrant 6 – Curtis Axel

Axel never made it to the ring as he was attacked by Eric Rowan on his way down the ramp. Rowan then attacked Wyatt & Harper before Wyatt cleverly dumped them both out of the ring. We presume we have to assume that Harper counts as Curtis Axel’s entry as he’s never seen again.

Elimination 4 – Luke Harper (Bray Wyatt)

Elimination 5 – Eric Rowan (Bray Wyatt)

Entrant 7 – The Boogeyman

Another legend made his way to the ring as the bizarre Boogeyman entered the Rumble, we were then treated to a “weird off” between Wyatt & Boogeyman. He didn’t last long though.

Elimination 6 – The Boogeyman (Bray Wyatt)

Entrant 8 – Sin Cara

Entrant 9 – Zack Ryder

Another huge cheer for the return of Zack Ryder, who made short work of Wyatt and Sin Cara.

Elimination 7 – Sin Cara (Bray Wyatt)

Entrant 10 – Daniel Bryan

Elimination 8 – Zack Ryder (Bray Wyatt)

Another huge crowd response for Daniel Bryan, the Yes movement is certainly alive and well. Bryan goes right after Wyatt and the two battle it out until the next entrant made his way to the ring.

Entrant 11 – Fandango

Fandango was incredible tonight; he absolutely destroyed Daniel Bryan and then really took it to Wyatt. This showing should really up his stock in WWE as he proved what an incredible performer he can be when he’s allowed to wrestle and forget about the script.

Entrant 12 – Tyson Kidd

Tyson Kidd and Daniel Bryan had a great little match up, the two of them gave a technical showing that was impressive to watch.

Elimination 9 – Tyson Kidd (Daniel Bryan)

Entrant 13 – Stardust

Entrant 14 – Diamond Dallas Page

Stardust essentially emptied the ring, knocking everyone to the corners before the legend Diamond Dallas Page appeared. DDP hit Stardust with the Diamond cutter, ushering a huge applause from the crowd.

Entrant 15 – Rusev

As always Rusev made his presence felt immediately, dumping both Diamond Dallas Page and Fandango over the top rope.

Elimination 10 – Diamond Dallas Page (Rusev)

Elimination 11 – Fandango (Rusev)

Daniel Bryan then attacked Wyatt and Rusev, he did pretty well and had he waited another 30 seconds he may have had some support but that wasn’t the case as Wyatt knocked him over the side and he slipped off of the ring apron. We aren’t sure if it was meant to happen but the crowd weren’t happy, the Boos got louder and didn’t stop until the very end of the PPV.

Elimination 12 – Daniel Bryan (Bray Wyatt)

Entrant 16 – Goldust

Goldust made an instant impact and tried to eliminate Wyatt but was interrupted by his brother Stardust, who attempted to dump them both over the top rope. Goldust wasn’t amused and the two fought until the next entrant arrived.

Entrant 17 – Kofi Kingston

Kofi Kingston always has a predictable cameo in the Rumble, usually ending with his escaping elimination with a display of athleticism and this time was no different.

Entrant 18 – Adam Rose

Almost as soon as Adam Rose entered the ring Kofi was thrown over the top rope by Rusev. He didn’t hit the floor however as he was caught by The Rosebuds, who placed him back into the ring. Seconds later Rusev threw Adam Rose out and they failed to catch him.

Elimination 13 – Adam Rose (Rusev)

Entrant 19 – Roman Reigns

With Daniel Bryan already out the crowd seemed to know what was coming and Reigns was booed to the ring. As soon as he entered the ring Gold & Stardust teamed up against him. Predictably the seemingly untouchable Reigns quickly knocked them both out of the ring.

Elimination 14 – Kofi Kingston (Rusev)

Elimination 15 – Goldust (Roman Reigns)

Elimination 16 – Stardust (Roman Reigns)

Rusev & Wyatt then formed an unholy alliance, teaming up against Reigns.

Entrant 20 – Big E

Big E helps Reigns in fighting Rusev & Wyatt but is quickly beaten down by the dominating pair. Rusev performed a classic Bowling Ball on Big E in the corner.

Entrant 21 – Damien Mizdow

The crowd finally stop booing as Mizdow comes to the ring but he is stopped before he gets to the ring by The Miz, who claims he owns Mizdow’s number as well as his own. Mizdow thinks about it and then ignores Miz, getting in the ring. He doesn’t last long, after impressively seeing to a number of competitors he is eventually dumped out by Rusev.

Elimination 17 – Damien Mizdow (Rusev)

Entrant 22 – Jack Swagger

As Mizdow left the ring he mocked Mix who had been knocked to the floor, another step toward their split but not the final nail in the coffin we wanted.

Entrant 23 – Ryback

Entrant 24 – Kane

Entrant 25 – Dean Ambrose

Entrant 26 – Titus O’Neil

This part of the rumble was chaotic, Swagger went after Rusev, Wyatt turned on Rusev, Ambrose fought with Kane and Big E fought with everyone. The crowd erupted when Ambrose came to the ring but soon started booing again as Titus came to the ring. Swagger almost eliminated Rusev at one point but he clung on to survive. Eventually Ambrose and Reigns teamed up and eliminated Titus O’Neil after only 4 seconds before going after Kane.

Elimination 18 – Titus O’Neil (Dean Ambrose & Roman Reigns)

Elimination 19 – Big E (Rusev)

At this point the crowd started chanting for CM Punk, a pie on the sky idea that clearly wasn’t going to happen. The crowd were also chanting for D-Von Dudley having seen his tag team partner earlier on.

Entrant 27 – Bad News Barrett

Entrant 28 – Cesaro

The rumble descended into an all-out brawl as the ring filled up. Cesaro almost eliminated Ambrose before Rusev dropkicked Big E over the top rope.

Elimination 19 – Big E (Rusev)

Entrant 29 – Big Show

As soon as Big Show came to the ring every competitor attacked him en mass. Kane soon end the attack, teaming with Big Show and dominating everyone.

Elimination 20 – Ryback (Kane & Big Show)

Elimination 21 – Jack Swagger (Kane)

Entrant 30 – Dolph Ziggler

And so the final entrant to this year’s Rumble is Dolph Ziggler, the crowd cheer in the hope that Ziggler can win and he soon gets their hopes up, eliminating Bad News Barrett and Cesaro almost immediately.

Elimination 22 – Bad News Barrett (Dolph Ziggler)

Elimination 23 – Cesaro (Dolph Ziggler)

As soon as Ziggler eliminated Cesaro he was hit with a KO Punch from Big Show who then picked him up with Kane and threw him over the top rope. This almost caused a riot as the crowd booed and booed, many chanting “this is bull…” well you can guess the rest.

Elimination 24 – Dolph Ziggler (Kane & Big Show)

Kane & Big Show then turned their attention to Wyatt who didn’t last long against the giant and the demon.

Elimination 25 – Bray Wyatt (Kane & Big Show)

This made the crowd even angrier and the tension became noticeable in the ring as the remaining competitors were thrown by the reaction. This left Kane & Big Show in the ring with Ambrose and Reigns, who was covered in blood from an unseen earlier incident. The crowd started chanting for Ambrose as the four men started the build-up to the finale. Everything then went horribly wrong, whilst WWE are pushing Reigns to be champion, the crowd in the arena and at home didn’t agree so when Ambrose was eliminated the boos turned to shouts.

Elimination 26 – Dean Ambrose (Kane & Big Show)

The bloodied Reigns then proceeded to attack Kane & Big Show and promptly eliminated them both, surprisingly easily.

Elimination 27 – Kane (Roman Reigns)

Elimination 28 – Big Show (Roman Reigns)

The shouts turned to all-out hatred, shouts of “Cancel the network”, “we’ve been robbed” and “No, No, No” filled the arena. Kane & Big Show re-entered the ring and attacked Reigns, beating him to the floor.

At this point The Rock came to the ring and fought Kane & Big Show out of the ring before raising Reigns’ hand in victory. Amazingly even The Rock couldn’t calm the audience down who continued to scream and boo Reigns.

Roman Reigns threw his arms in the air but was hit in the back by Rusev, who had been hiding under the ring and not eliminated. The crowd showed their colours, chanting “We want Rusev” as they started to fight. Much to the crowds’ disappointment Rusev is quickly thrown over the top rope and the bell finally rings.

Rock continues his attempt to get the crowd on Reigns’ side but it just isn’t working. Someone at WWE creative has a lot to answer for.

Quickly after this The Authority came out, The Rock and Triple H point at each other before the credits roll.

Match Rating 7/10

There were some fantastic moments in this year’s Royal Rumble but the obvious push of Roman Reigns just felt forced and unnatural, especially when there were Superstars with legitimate feuds to be contested, such as Ambrose or even Randy Orton who is still nowhere to be seen. It also seems absolutely shocking that not one NXT star was used, they are supposed to be the future of the company and an appearance by Sami Zayn or Adrian Neville would likely have got a big crowd reaction as well as giving them a push for the inevitable step up. Quite what the fallout from all of this will be is unknown but for now we just have to come to terms with the fact that it is Roman Reigns Vs. Brock Lesnar headlining Wrestlemania.


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