WWE Royal Rumble 2015 Results Part 1


Rating & Reviewing the matches from this year’s Royal Rumble. CONTAINS SPOILERS!

So the Road to Wrestlemania starts here so who would be the main players and most importantly who would headline Wrestlemania?


The New Day Vs. Cesaro, Tyson Kidd & Adam Rose (Six Man Tag Team Match)

This was fairly typical Kick Off Show match, short but adequate. Both teams put on some great moments, Kofi Kingston’s high flying, Big E’s brutal strength, Tyson Kidd’s technicality and Cesaro’s genuine big star appeal all stood out in the match. It would be safe to say that Xavier Woods and Adam Rose were fairly overlooked in the match so it would be unfair to comment on their performance. Kidd & Cesaro are beginning to work really well as a tag team and their ability to work together proved the difference in the end. The matchup ended after Kidd performed an awesome Twisted Suplex on Kofi Kingston.

Match Rating 6/10


New Age Outlaws Vs. The Ascension

It was a great idea by WWE creative to finally give The Ascension some credible opponents. The WWE Universe haven’t warmed to the former NXT Tag Champions, mainly due to some awful scripts as well as the “local talent” they have been facing up until now. Who better to give them some credibility than Tag Team legends the New Age Outlaws, Billy Gunn & Road Dogg, who put on a vintage display. The crowd chanted ‘You still got it’ and they certainly do. Eventually though it would, rather predictably, be Viktor & Konnor who would come out on top. They put on a dominating show, giving the WWE Universe a glimpse of the awesome power and skill that they’re capable of. The match ended with The Ascension performing Fall of Man, causing Billy Gunn to be pinned.

Match Rating 7/10


The Miz & Damien Mizdow Vs. The Usos (Tag Team Championship Match)

The Usos haven’t had the titles for long and many believe that they need a push to really cement their place at the top. Feeling they have had it too easy, something that The Ascension could easily see too. Unfortunately tonight was not going to give them that boost. The Usos messed up their entrance, missing their cue and rambling through their traditional Samoan intro. It didn’t end there however, after then miss hit several moves throughout the match. The Miz & Mizdow are a tag team with no future; it is inevitable that the popular Mizdow will eventually escape from the shadow of The Miz. The general consensus from within the WWE Universe was that tonight would be the night he would finally snap and take back his dignity. For some unknown reason WWE Creative didn’t see things the same way however and when, near the end of the match, Mizdow was finally given the opportunity to wrestle and win the title with The Miz out at ringside the match ended. This was a serious anti-climax, the crowd erupted when Mizdow entered the ring and started to dominate The Usos but they were soon booing after The Usos messed up another move and pinned Mizdow. You could tell that no-one bought the win and the match just fizzled out. The Miz and Mizdow did argue after the match but the moment we have all been waiting for didn’t come.

Match Rating 6/10


The Bella Twins Vs. Paige & Natalya

Quite why we had a Divas Tag Team match tonight is beyond us. Royal Rumble is supposed to be one of the biggest events of the year so why not have title match? Either way Paige & Natalya are proving themselves as a decent tag team. The pair have a good contract of styles that complement each other and they dominated The Bella Twins from the start. There weren’t too many stand out moments to mention really, Brie pinned Natalya near the end of the match but it turned out that Paige was actually the legal competitor so it didn’t count. This was really confused, and the audience couldn’t work out what was going on, if fact even the commentary team missed the set up for it. Eventually though Nikki took control of the match, albeit in a very weak and unbelievable way. Most in the crowd still thought Paige & Natalya would win this one but Brie attacked Paige on the apron as Nikki hit Natalya with a weak forearm. Natalya fell to the floor and was pinned. Once again the crowd booed and there was no build up to the finish. The lack of a finisher didn’t help matters either and viewers were left wondering if things were really going to plan tonight. If this accomplished anything it would be the strength of Paige & Natalya but it didn’t do The Bella Twins or the Divas Division any favours.

Match Rating 7/10


To see what happened in the Championship match and the Royal Rumble match click on the below link.

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