EA and Visceral Games give the rundown on what to expect from the upcoming cops and robbers Battlefield title.

For those itching to get going with Battlefield Hardline’s multiplayer, the details on the upcoming  maps and game modes are now out in the open.

In terms of maps, two that have been mentioned for the upcoming Hardlne Beta: Downtown, set against the Skyscrapers of Los Angeles and Dust Bowl. set in the fictional meth-riddled town of Joad are of course included. After this there’s: Bank Job, set around a bank and surrounding city area; The Block, a gang-run neighbourhood; Hollywood Heights, a plush mansion in the Hollywood Hills; Growhouse, a secret marijuana growing operation, Riptide, set in a Miami estate; Everglades, an area of Florida swampland and Derailed, taking the action to an L.A. trainyard. This gives Hardline a total of 9 maps at launch, hit this link to visit a page on Hardline’s official website detailing the maps.

In total, seven game modes are also coming with Hardline. Conquest, a Battlefield regular, will have each side capturing flags and taking out the other team to reduce their stash of reinforcement tickets, and the tried and tested Team Deathmatch are two. Then there’s Heists which sees criminals robbing armored trucks on a mission to reach an extraction point and Blood Money, which has both sides grabbing cash from a big stash in the centre of the map. After this, we have Hotwire, a vehicle-centric take on Conquest where players attempt to keep control of cars around the map, a Counter Strike-esque hostage protecting Rescue mode and the VIP escorting Crosshairs mode. To learn more about these here’s the link to Hardline’s page.

Battlefield Hardline’s full selection of maps and game types can be enjoyed in full from the 17th March when the game launches for PC, Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4 and PS3.

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