Old folks react to Grand Theft Auto V, with brilliant results

Elders Play Grand Theft Auto V REACT Screen 1

GTA V is the latest game the older folks at REACT take on in this hilarious video.

Those folks over at the REACT YouTube channel have brought in some elders to have a spin on Rockstar Games' Grand Theft Auto V.

Initially you might think that these folks of an older generation would be averse to playing such a game, and their initial reactions would confirm your suspicions. However, once they get into the game we start to hear comments like "is that you on my sidewalk", and "I got a knife... the knife, you're closer to the victim". They start to have an immense amount of fun.

If you've ever had your parents, or anyone from an older generation, tell you that video games are 'pointless', 'stupid' or any other word that comes out of a non-gamer's mouth, watch this video, it gives us hope that if people would just try the games they've only heard negative information about, they may actually even enjoy them more than us.

Watch the video below, you're in for a treat.

Now, if only there was some way to get my Dad to play GTA V...

Thanks, Kotaku.

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