Microsoft HoloLens will let you play Minecraft with AR tech

Microsoft HoloLens Minecraft Promo Image 1

HoloLens will let users play games, watch movies, collaborate on projects and more, using augmented reality.

A new augemented reality headset was revealed by Microsoft during their Windows 10 event yesterday - the Microsoft HoloLens.

The HoloLens is a head-mounted computer which has its own built-in sensors and processors - there are no other gadgets or equipment needed in order to use it.

The headset's translucent lens allows the wearer to see graphical imagery within their current real-world environment.

Microsoft did an on-stage demo of the technology using an AR app called 'Holo Studio', which allows for the user to build 3D objects using hand gestures.

Have a look at the stage demo below.

Microsoft also have a concept video for the HoloLens which you can see below. Keep an eye out for the Minecraft part at the 0:59 mark.

The HoloLens tech is still being developed, but Microsoft said it is a big part of their future plans. HoloLens is set to launch at some point during the Windows 10 lifecycle, but the company gave no other timeframe.

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