Fable Legends due for Windows 10, cross-platform play supported

Fable Legends Shroud And Inga Face A Puck

PC gamers will be able to mix up the Fable Legend’s villains vs heroes gameplay with Xbox One players.

Xbox head Phil Spencer took the opportunity to reveal that the Xbox One’s standard-bearing RPG, Fable Legends is also coming to PC at the Windows 10 briefing yesterday

With Microsoft seeking to marry up Xbox One and Windows gaming ecosystems, Legends will also support cross platform play between the two.

“Today people are playing games on more devices than ever,” noted Spencer in introduction to a Legemds demo showing off cross-platform play. “With Windows 10, we wanted to focus on those gaming scenarios across device with the Xbox we’re bringing to Windows 10 and our first-party portfolio.”

To this end, Windows 10 will include an app that allows Xbox gamers to use their Live accounts on PC to earn achievements, chat with friends and use the Game DVR feature.

Beyond Legends Spencer outlined clear hopes for Windows 10/Xbox integration. “We think enabling people to play multiplayer games across Xbox One and Windows 10 will really unlock the potential of Xbox Live and grow the social network that’s there today,” he noted.

Which opens up an interesting prospect for Microsoft going forward, although this disparity of mouse and keyboard vs gamepad control schemes in games such as first person shooters would be gifting the PC gaming crowd a clear advantage over those on Xbox.

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