WWE Monday Night Raw Results 19th Jan 2015 Pt:2


Rating & Reviewing the matches and segments from this week’s Raw. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

Welcome to part two of our weekly WWE Raw Review.

In part one we saw Triple H offer John Cena a match to win back the contracts of Dolph Ziggler, Ryback and Eric Rowan, Bray Wyatt defeat Daniel Bryan, Big Show attack Ric Flair, Dean Ambrose defeat Band News Barrett and New Day defeat Cesaro & Tyson Kidd. 


You can read about those events by following the link below.

WWE Monday Night Raw Results 19th Jan 2015 Pt:1


Next was the nWo reunion, Scott Hall, Kevin Nash and X-Pac all came to the ring and discussed the Monday Night Wars of the 90’s. It didn’t take long for things to get out of hand as The Ascension came to the ring, threatening them and claiming they are all losers. After a series of matches were The Ascension had only fought against local jobbers it was good to see them in the ring with some actual talent. The Ascension told the nWo that they were old dogs that needed to be put down. At this point JBL lost the plot, leaving the announce table and screaming at The Ascension, he then removed his shirt to reveal an old Acolyte Protection Agency T-Shirt. The crowd then erupted as his old team mate Farook (Ron Simmons) came down the entrance ramp. They enter the ring but before they can fight The New Age Outlaws, Road Dogg and Billy Gunn came to the ring. They attacked the Ascension, who didn’t stand a chance. After they were knocked down JBL delivered a Clothesline from Hell.

This could be the prefect scenario for The Ascension, WWE creative have clearly been struggling with ideas for them but the newly announced match between them and the New Age Outlaws at Royal Rumble is just what they need to give them a push. With some proper talent to fight, the WWE Universe can get to see their true talent.

Segment Rating 10/10


We then went backstage for a short segment announcing John Cena’s opponents for his match. He would fight Seth Rollins, Kane and Big Show in a handicap match, with J&J Security, Triple H and Stephanie McMahon at ringside. Surprise, surprise.

Segment Rating 5/10


Paige & Natalya Vs. Summer Rae & Alicia Fox

Paige & Natalya absolutely destroy Summer Rae, which was no surprise. Alicia Fox put up a good fight but ultimately they were too strong. This was a true filler match and was over as soon as it began, with Paige applying the PTO and making Alicia tap.

Match Rating 6/10


Rusev Vs. R-Truth

R-Truth starts things off by telling Rusev that he won’t win the Royal Rumble, he says that every American wrestler will be targeting him. The match then starts, with R-Truth taking control and delivering shades of his old self. He was largely on top for this short match but eventually Rusev hit a Super Kick and applied the Accolade, making R-Truth tap out.

Match Rating 7/10


Jey Uso Vs. The Miz

Another instalment in the Uso and Miz feud, whilst we still aren’t entirely sure what WWE creative are trying to achieve with this feud it is helping to raise Damien Mizdow’s profile so at least that’s a positive. Miz put on a master class, dominating Jey Uso who looked completely out of his depth against some great technical ability. Throughout the match Miz got more and more frustrated with the crowd chanting for Mizdow. This could have been a great match but the ending ruined it. Jey Uso, who had barely done anything all match, got in a couple of cheap moves and then hit a Big Splash from the top Turnbuckle to pin Miz. It was an underwhelming finish to a great display.

Damien Sandow really needs to move away from Miz eventually and that time seems to be drawing ever closer. Maybe we will see it happen at the Royal Rumble.

Match Rating 7/10


Seth Rollins, Kane & Big Show Vs. John Cena

The match started predictably enough, Cena receiving a savage beat down at the hands of Big Show and Rollins. Cena fought back but every time he managed to see some light he was knocked back down, the numbers proving too hard to overcome. At one point Cena managed to clear the ring, leaving him and Big Show alone, he picked up Big Show but fell over. The pattern then continued, Cena knocked down, builds steam, knocked down and so on. Eventually those outside the ring got involved, Cena almost pinned Rollins but J&J Security interfered. Then Cena almost pinned Rollins for second time but Big Show dragged him out of the ring and beat him up before rolling him back in the ring for Kane to deliver a chokeslam. After that Rollins went for a Curb Stomp but the lights went out and Sting appeared on the Titantron. Then the WWE Universe got what they wanted as Sting appeared at the top of the entrance ramp, pointing at Triple H and saying “I’m here for you”. With The Authority distracted Cena attacked Rollins and managed to pin him with a Rollup. Cena leaves the arena quickly, running through the crowd before The Authority can get to him. Triple H completely loses it, getting in the ring and screaming for Sting to come to the ring and fight him, but Sting was nowhere to be seen. Suddenly Brock Lesnar ran down the entrance ramp and destroyed Seth Rollins, hitting him with an F-5. He then knocked Kane out of the ring and hit Big Show with a huge F-5. Rollins then ran away before Lesnar could continue his assault.

Match Rating 10/10


So the stage is set for The Royal Rumble, who will win the WWE World Heavyweight Championship? Will Triple H keep his word and bring back Dolph Ziggler, Eric Rowan and Ryback? Will they feature in the Royal Rumble match? All will soon be answered.


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