Fox in talks for X-Files return

X Files Mulder & Scully

The X-Files could be returning to your screens with Mulder & Scully in tow.

News has slowly been trickling out of Fox over the weekend that talk have begun to bring back cult '90s show X-Files.

Gary Newman, Chairman of the Fox TV Group, has now confirmed that the company are in talks to bring the series back but they will only move forward if X-Files creator Chris Carter is involved. He did go on to say that initial talks are "hopeful" and that they were also in talks with the show's original stars, David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson, to revise their roles as F.B.I Agents Fox Mulder & Dana Scully respectively.

One of the biggest hurdles for the new series will be finding a time that both Duchovny and Anderson are available as they currently have very busy schedules.

Chris Carter has also hinted on a possible return, claiming that the show could return as early as "This Summer", although that seems unlikely if they haven't even started filming yet, but you never know.

For those who are perhaps too young to have witnessed the huge phenomenon of the X-Files, this could be your chance.

X-Files started in 1993 and followed the story of Fox Mulder, an F.B.I agent with a photographic memory who is obsessed with the supernatural and is tasked with investigating 'unusual' cases. The F.B.I, concerned that Mulder is getting too close revealing a 'truth', assign Agent Dana Scully to be his new partner. Scully is hugely skeptical of Mulder's beliefs and tries to force scientific reasoning to his cases, often finding it impossible. The pair embark on many investigations, including UFO's, Alien abductions, Government conspiracies and even cases as bizarre and terrifying as that of Eugene Tombs, a psychopathic killer who could squeeze himself through tiny gaps.

The show ran for 9 seasons and spawned two feature films as well as generating huge revenues from Merchandising, did any student in the late 90's or even early 00's not have an 'I Want To Believe' or 'The Truth Is Out There' poster on their wall? The theme tune, composed and performed by Mark Snow, even got to number two in the UK singles chart, with a Trance version by DJ Dado entering the top ten at the same time in 1996.

This will of course be welcome news to anyone who grew up watching the X-Files in the '90s, many of whom have been longing to see Mulder & Scully back on the job.

We will keep you updated with any updates on this story as we are excited as anyone by this news.

The Truth Is Out There!

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