The definitive PS4 games of 2015: Part One

Batman Arkham Knight Screen 2

We look ahead to the most anticipated PS4 games this year, starting out with a batch of big cross platform titles we're getting pumped to play

Prepare your wallets!

The new gen games release machine is gathering momentum and PS4 owners are going to have plenty of new titles to choose from in 2015. For our readers looking to stay informed about what’s coming up, we’ve put together a feature series detailing our most anticipated games.

In part one, we go through our first batch of cross platform titles to look out for on PS4. We realise that strictly speaking these aren’t technically PS4 games. but no doubt they’ll be making an impact on the console and. in some cases, will fall under the scrutiny of performance and graphics comparisons.

First up are some worthy games that have been given release dates:

Resident Evil HD - 20th January

What better way to denote the recent surge in popularity for survival horror than by bringing to new gen the game that pretty much started the genre. No superpowers or unlimited ammo in this one, it’s back to tense, isolating survival basics - a game to service the purists and the nostalgia trippers - except this time the zombies are going to be walking, not running at you.


Dying Light - 27th January North America, 30th January UK

More zombies, this time in a massive sandbox you get to freerun around, with a day/night cycle that turns the infected hordes particularly nasty in the dark.


Evolve - 10th February

Turtle Rock’s hyped up asymmetric multiplayer, hunters vs monster FPS drifted into 2015 to allow the studio to give the game its obligatory deserving polish. Soon will be the time to see how Evolve will settle in, we’re fully expecting this game to pull in a lot of players at the outset but are interested to see whether it can maintain a populous community after the initial noise dies down.


Resident Evil: Revelations 2 Episode 1 - 24th February North America, 25th February UK

Yet more zombies, and another Resident Evil title that sends you off with little more than a few bullets and your wits to ensure your survival. A sequel to the 2012 3DS game, Capcom are bringing out Revelations 2 as an episodic series with support for cooperative gameplay


Final Fantasy Type-0 HD - 17th March North America, 20th March UK

Square Enix’s port to new gen of the 2011 Japan-only PSP game slots into the overarching mythos of Final Fantasy XIII and the currently-in-development Final Fantasy XV. Given this, along with the real time battling, a cast of fourteen characters and a mammoth story to delve into, and you have a lengthy stop-gap for Final Fantasy fans while they await the arrival of XV.


Battlefield: Hardline - 17th March North America, 19th March UK

The news is that Battlefield will take a break after Hardline until 2016 while EA target the new Star Wars Battlefront game for the autumn 2015 launch window. While Hardline is attempting to give Battlefield a new spin with it’s cops and robbers, heists and loots focus, we’re keen to see whether this comes off as just another reskin or a title resilient enough to hold its own.


Mortal Kombat X - 14th April

Taking Mortal Kombat’s goriness to the nth degree on new gen, X (not ten) looks to be a veritable feast of hi-def blood spurge and mutilation. The X Ray moves are back too and look suitably devastating to match.


The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt - 19th May

As you might expect from your new gen RPG sequel, Wild Hunt is giving you a larger world, more beasties, better AI, more responsive and dynamic environments and all that jazz. Considering all these things are plusses coupled with the universal praise showered on its predecessor and Wild Hunt is going to have to go very wrong to not be huge in 2015.


Batman: Arkham Knight - 2nd June

Arkham Knight is being billed as Rocksteady’’s final Batman title, but the notion of taking out Bats for one last hi-tec vigilante romp is made all the more appealing with (at last) the addition of the Batmobile and his new enigmatic Arkham Knight nemesis, we can’t wait to get our hands on this one!


That’s part one done with. Stay tuned for part two in which we’ll be focusing on more big cross platform titles awaiting release announcements this year, including Star Wars Battlefront, the new Metal Gear Solid, Tom Clancy's The Division and much, much more.

In the meantime feel free to leave us a comment about the games you’re getting prepped up for on PS4 this year.

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