Oculus Rift creator talks up Project Morpheus

Project Morpheus

Oculus VR's Palmer Luckey thinks Sony are "doing a good job"

Despite competing in the virtual reality gaming space there seems to be a good spirited sense of cooperation arising between Oculus Rift and Sony’s Project Morpheus. Indeed with Oculus remaining (at present) for PC and Project Morpheus for PlayStation, the two won’t be directly slugging it out for single platform supremacy.

What’s apparent is that both companies understand that VR (something many want to succeed) needs to make a good first impression and it’s good to see developers working towards this (lest we see a swathe of negative responses from seasick gamers).

In working to bring VR headsets that solve (or at least minimize) the well-known problems of motion sickness, Oculus has already been vocal to big consumer companies to warn them not to rush tech out that isn’t at least approaching the quality they have been pushing for.

To this end Sony were recently invited to Oculus offices to check out the the latest prototypes, which appears to be paying dividends to Project Morpheus.

After expressing his doubts about Morpheus, Oculus VR founder Palmer Luckey now has some much more positive words to say. Talking to Stuff at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) recently Luckey noted. “I think Sony is also doing a good job. Like, we don’t have any kind of partnership with them but they understand the problems in VR, they understand how to fix them and they care about fixing them. There’s a lot of companies that either don’t understand how to make good VR or they do understand and they just don’t care about doing it.

“I think Sony and Oculus both have similar philosophies where we realise that our products have flaws and we know we have to fix them before shipping something to people,” he added.

So, while we may, or may not finally be getting VR tech in the home this year we can at least rest assured in the case of PS4 (or indeed PS5) that the experience will be of a comparable standard to that on PC.

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