We have some trailers for Mike Bithell’s next game in the works.

Thomas Was Alone creator, Mike Bithell has been working on a new game entitled Volume for which a new trailer is now available for your viewing pleasure.

If Thomas Was Alone is a game you’ve not played, we reckon is worthy of a go (it’s out for just about everything) it’s a critically acclaimed indie hit for a reason. Using the simplest of visuals with humorous narration (courtesy of Danny Wallace) TWA stands out as one of the most charming and engrossing platformers of recent years that we can think of.

Bithell’s new project marks a considerable departure from Thomas Was Alone. In Volume, gameplay is focused on Metal Gear-style stealth, where heading out completely weaponless you must rely on distraction techniques, avoidance and all round sneakiness.

Volume is set in the near future and reimagines the sagas of Robin Hood. Playing as petty thief Robert Locksley, (voiced by Charlie McDonnell of YouTube fame) players find a device called Volume which is endowed with it’s own AI (which Danny Wallace returns to voice). Volume guides you through a mission of subterfuge – facing up to Guy Gisborne (played by Andy Serkis) who has been redrawn in the game as a company CEO that has taken control of England.

Sound interesting? Here’s the new video showing off the enemies you’ll encounter in the game’s environments.

And here’s a Volume trailer from Gamescom last year.

Volume will be coming out later this year for PS4, Vita, Mac and PC.

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