The wonderful world of MOBAs is the subject of this week’s screenshots.

Sunday Screenshots has been missing for the past few weeks, so apologies for that. However, it’s back now, and this week we’re looking at a game I’m surprised I haven’t actually looked at in our screenshots series before – Dota 2.

For those unfamiliar with the game you should probably take a look at my article explaining why you shouldn’t play it, but you actually should. And I’ve also been playing it quite a bit this weekend, in order to progress on the All-Hero Challenge.

I put myself in the firing line of the wonderful Dota 2 community in order to bring you these screenshots, so hopefully you will appreciate the effort.

The first set below are of a match where I played as Jakiro, a support hero that generally, as the would suggest, supports the rest of his team. I bought wards, the courier, upgraded the courier etc. My in-game ‘photography’ skills are quite limited in Dota 2, so whilst the first set are just regular top-down shots of my games, I’m sure if you’re a Dota 2 player you’ll have something to say about my build, positioning, or hero. If you don’t play Dota 2, perhaps they will intrigue you enough to give it a try. Just click on the images to view larger versions.

Suffice to say we won the match. Never underestimate a good support player, not that I’m saying I am one. The image below shows my All-Hero-Challenge stats after winning with Jakiro, which was about a week ago. At the time I was just over average on the games played to win with my designated heroes.

The next shots are of a few heroes in action during a match. I used the game’s match replay feature to zoom in and try to capture some decent team fights, which weren’t easy to capture, believe it or not. This particular match was played last night – a couple of friends and I were trying to win a match whilst I played as Witch Doctor, for the All-Hero Challenge, but I ended up having to play Sniper, as we needed some damage output – we didn’t win, but it was really fun. Towards the end of the match the enemy team had bought three, yes three, Divine Rapiers (they’re one of the most expensive items to build in the game, but they give the holder 300+ damage), in an attempt to make a final push on our Ancient and win the match. However, we somehow ended up killing them and taking the rapiers for ourselves, until we lost them – the match went on like this for the last 10 minutes or so until we eventually lost – it was tense stuff.

The first image below shows our lineup as The Radiant, and the final two images show the Dire pushing our base, as Lina squares up to hit Phantom Assassin with her ult ability – Laguna Blade.

The final three shots below show a tower defense from Lina and Jakiro against Phantom Assassin, and finally Riki being frozen by Crystal Maiden, with Medusa fleeing in the background.

If you want to try Dota 2 out for yourself, just head on over to the Steam page here. It’s free to play, but make sure you read up a little on how to play the game first, or even get a friend to coach you.

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