The devs have confirmed a “one-time” carry over option will be made available so players “will not be starting from scratch.”

Have you been playing Smite on PC? Are you interested in moving over to playing the game on Xbox One once it’s released? Good news – the progress you’ve made on PC will be carried over to the Xbox One.

Speaking to IGN, Hi-Rez Studios Chief Operating Officer Todd Harris said a one-time progress transfer was being worked on.

“The answer [to your question about having to repurchase content] may vary by territory. Within North America and Europe — the markets we self publish in — we are going to work with Microsoft to have some path for previous playtime and purchases to carry over on a one-time basis

“Players can opt in on that. More details are to be determined, but they will not be starting from scratch.”

Registration for Smite‘s Xbox One beta opened a couple of days ago, and a new trailer was revealed.

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