Possible plans for the future of Destiny have been revealed.

An image showing Bungie’s possible plans for FPS ‘MMO’ Destiny has been leaked online. The image, whilst slightly hard to read, shows a timeline of DLC for the game, along with what activities and content are to be included.

The image, which is below, was reportedly taken during an internal meeting at Bungie, and appeared over on the Italian Destiny fan page on 1st October, which is the earliest publication date Eurogamer found.

The image has since been posted on Bungie.net’s forums, the @FWCReddit Twitter account, and the Destiny subreddit which is probably why it’s only just getting mass attention now. Oh, and it’s now on here too.

Due to the image’s age, it is worth considering that the info and release dates could be out of date.

Looking at the image, it appears to show that the game’s second expansion – House of Wolves – will contain three new story missions, with a new strike, a new raid, and four new PVP maps. This new content will be across Earth’s Cosmodrome, the Moon, Venus, and the Reef.

In September 2015 it shows “Comet: Plague of Darkness” is due, which is a much larger content pack that is said to also be launching on a disc due to its size. It is rumoured that three new subclasses are included with it, along with 12 new story missions, 4 strikes, 1 raid, a new location, and 6 PVP maps.

After Comet there will be a couple more DLC packs – one dealing with the Vex, and another which could be focussed on the Cabal.

Of course with such leaks and rumour a certain amount of salt should be taken, so until Bungie or Activision announce anything official just take this as speculation and rumour.

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