WWE Immortals Promo Images Released

WWE Immortals

WWE's new mobile game receives some unusual promo images showing the first three Superstars.

A few weeks ago we reported that WWE had teamed up with Warner Bros Interactive and NetheRealm Studios to create a new, Mortal Kombat inspired, Mobile game.

WWE Immortals will feature battles between the WWE Superstars in a a re-imagined world, much like that of Mortal Kombat. Details are sparse at present but if the fighting style in the games is anything like Mortal Kombat or Injustice then it will likely be great fun as well as hugely over the top.

In advance of the games release WWE have revealed some promotional images, showing off three WWE Superstars that will feature in the game.

The first image shows The Rock, looking very much like Drax The Destroyer from Guardians of the Galaxy.

The Rock WWE Immortals

The Second image shows John Cena, dressed up in an outfit that would not look out of place on Superman.

John Cena WWE Immortals

The final image shows Brock Lesnar, looking suitably angry.

Brock Lesnar

The images certainly suggest that the game will feature several WWE Superstars in a way that we have not seen them before. Given that the game is being developed by the same studio as Mortal Kombat we can hope that it features similar fighting styles and finishing moves, although no doubt dumbed down to a PG level.

No news has yet been released on other characters that may make an appearance but it would be pretty safe to assume the current roster will feature heavily, with a few legends thrown in for good measure. Who wouldn't want to see a finisher where The Undertaker cuts someone in half with his brimmed hat? Oh right it will be PG, sorry.

We are looking forward to trying out the game when it is released, and no doubt will let you all know what we think of it.

WWE Immortals will be released in 2015 on iPod, iPhone, iPad, Android and Touch devices.

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