The road to GTA Online's Heists Mode

GTA V Heists PS4 Screen (20)

Adam is preparing himself for the most anticipated update due to arrive on Grand Theft Auto V.

Grand Theft Auto V is brilliant, the single player is full of strange, hilarious, and in the case of Trevor, disturbing characters. Even after you have finished the main story, you can spend hours completing side missions, or simply driving about the world causing havoc, if that's how you roll.

A part of GTA V I'm a little less familiar with is the GTA Online aspect. I bought the game on Xbox 360 when it was originally released last year, and dabbled in the online portion of it a little. It's definitely best played with a group of friends, but I did try to level up my character when friends weren't around. I found the whole experience a little off-putting though, due to poor frame rates and network connections, so I never really ventured too far with it.

Jump forward to 2014 and the remastered version of GTA V is released for Xbox One and PS4, so naturally I had to grab myself a copy to see how much the game had been improved. Suffice to say I was, and still am, extremely impressed. It's the same game, but it looks so much more beautiful, and runs like a dream. Oh, and the new first-person mode changes up the experience in a big way.

Now onto the main point of this article, GTA Online's heists mode. In the year the original GTA V had been out the online mode never saw heists, and players are still waiting for the new content and missions the mode will bring. However, a couple of weeks ago Rockstar Games dropped a trailer for the long-awaited heists which sent everyone over the edge of the hype cliff.

Heists will add in a bunch of new content and missions in which players must work together to fund, plan, and execute missions which will potentially pay out big rewards when complete. We got to play such missions in the main story, you know, with the planning board, picking out how you want to execute the job and then completing a few smaller missions to gather the supplies needed for the big job itself.

Sunday Screenshots GTA Online Vyxn PS4 13My GTA Online character likes to take selfies before robbing stores, it's her 'thing'.

My GTA Online character is around level 17 right now, with one apartment, a separate garage, a couple of decent cars, and about $10k. So, it doesn't look like she'll be leading any of the heist missions yet, which require a player with plenty of cash to fund them. But, since the trailer for heists dropped I've been trying to level her up, to make sure she would be a decent addition to any gang of bank robbers.

My whole GTA Online experience on the current generation of consoles, the PS4 to be exact, has been so much better than on the Xbox 360. Yes, it's nicer to look at, but it's generally been a smoother ride in terms of connection and frame rate online, which makes me want to play more.

I haven't read much in terms of the best ways to make money in GTA Online, but perhaps I should. I generally jump from random job, to random job, until I have enough cash for the property or car I want, and it seems to be working for me, even if it feels a little bit of a slow process.

In-between jobs I tend to get caught up in vengeance crusades - I mean, other players kill me in free mode, and then I spend 30 minutes to and hour chasing them down and killing them in the name of revenge. Whilst fun, these little distractions don't tend to make me any money.

Part of what I'm trying to say here is that GTA Online on the current gen consoles has been quite a different, and much more enjoyable experience for me compared to last gen. I have levelled my character up further than my previous one on the Xbox 360 (yes, only level 17, but it's still an accomplishment for me, OK!), and with all the updates and additional content added to the game over the past year or so it just feels like a more complete experience.

GTA Online's heists mode is due "early in 2015", so let's hope my character is ready when it eventually arrives. Oh, and please let me know of any tips for making easy money in GTA in the comments section below. I can't help but be a noob.

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