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2014 is almost over, and now it's time to pick out our top 5 games before we head into 2015.

2014 has undoubtedly been a big year for console gaming; the Xbox One, PS4 and Wii U have received some huge releases, seeing the “Next Gen” consoles solidify their place at the top, as the previous consoles started to dwindle in the markets.

For me personally I am yet to purchase one of the newer consoles so my top 5 will be based on releases for the Xbox 360 and Mobile that I have managed to play this year.

5) Godus – iOS / Android/ Steam

God games rarely go out of fashion it would seem. We are, after all, a race obsessed with domination and no matter your political or religious beliefs the urge to control a populous is built deep within our psyches.

Godus is a traditional God game, much like Black & White or Populous, placing you in charge of a small tribe and challenging you to enlarge and advance them as best you can. As with all God games your people are, well, stupid. They continually get themselves trapped on islands or in between rocks, challenging you to guide them to safety. If you fail then they essentially become Lemmings, drowning in the sea or leaping into volcanos. Godus has proven hugely popular and is a very well made game, drawing you in and keeping you playing for hours on end. What makes this game so enthralling is that creators, 22 Cans, have incorporated the touch screen aspects of the game expertly.

If you haven’t tried Godus yet, then I highly recommend it.


4) Grand Theft Auto Online – Xbox 360/ Xbox One/ PS3/ PS4

Whilst GTA Online was launched in 2013 it is one of the games that I have spent the most time on in 2014. I must admit I was sceptical of its longevity at first; unsure of what would keep me playing. Multiple updates and holiday related packages have kept up the interest, coupled with a genuine interest with regard to my characters progression. Another aspect which has been the golden moment for GTA Online is the element of creation. There are hundreds of official Races, Missions etc… but being able to create your own has been brilliant.

I’m sure I don’t need to explain the premise of the game but for those that may not know GTA Online is based in the GTA V game world of Los Santos and Blaine County. There are many characters from the game to give you missions and you can create your own crew or join someone else’s. Ultimately the aim is to make as much money as you can and complete as many missions/win as many races/Kill as many enemies as possible.

I had stopped playing near the end of the year, however the news of upcoming Heist missions, combined with the Christmas Update have drawn me back in.


3) World of Warriors – iOS/ Android

I’ve really enjoyed playing World of Warriors since its release back in November, an imaginative mix of Beat-em –up, quick puzzler and educational tool. Many may think that World of Warriors is just a kid’s mobile game but they would be wrong. Mind Candy has created a genuinely exciting and enthralling game, fusing elements of Mortal Kombat with a more child friendly approach. The battles are gripping and force the player to show some genuine skill, rather than the typical mobile fight experience.

In World of Warriors you collect Warriors from real clans from throughout history and train them to fight against King Boneshaker and his Skull Army. It is this use of real tribes from history that take this game from a fun beat em up to a legitimate game for all ages. It has been just as interesting to learn about these ancient tribes as it has been to learn their special moves when fighting.


2) Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2 – Xbox 360/ Xbox One/ PS3/ PS4/ Steam/ iOS/ Android

It is rare that I play a game that can register a genuine emotion but The Walking Dead made it happen. Whilst the television series is gory and tense this game is pure melancholy and hopelessness personified.

As you guide 11 year old Clementine through the Zombie filled wastes of Georgia towards Michigan you are faced with many moral choices, some of which can leave the player feeling particularly uneasy.There have been times whilst playing this game that I have had to stop and take note, almost brought to tears in places.

In the game you are Clementine, a young survivor of a plague that has destroyed everything you knew and loved. The world does not care you are only 11 years old, does not care you are cold and hungry, and does not care that death is around every corner.

The undead feed on living, the living cannot be trusted. Starving, never safe, and still looking for hope….

The game has an extremely well written story and the striking visual style is taken straight from the original Graphic Novel series, making this a truly standout release. Now I hadn't played Season One when I started and would highly recommend playing that first as the decisions you make in the first game do affect the second. I'll be going back and playing Season One as soon as I can.


1) Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham - Xbox 360/ Xbox One/ PS3/ PS4/ PS Vita/ 3DS/ Wii U/ Steam/ iOS

As our regular readers will already be aware my choice for GOTY is TT Games’ Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham. Some may think it an odd choice but I’ve chosen it for a very good reason. Of all the games I’ve played this year it was this one that was the most fun. Beyond Gotham isn’t just fun though, it has great graphics, a great story, great humour and seriously in depth DC Comic knowledge.

The game see’s the super heroes of The Justice League teaming up with the super villains of The Legion of Doom to save the Earth from the evil Brainiac, who is intent on shrinking the Earth for his collection.

Can Batman and his colleagues save the world, probably, but this game keeps you on the edge of your seat, although you may fall off from laughing so much.

If you want to hear more about Lego Batman 3: Beyond Gotham then my full review can be found in the link below.

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So there you have it, my top five games of the year, what will 2015 have to offer? We will have to wait and see.

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