Bungie posts some impressive stats for Destiny, teases what’s next

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Since Destiny launched in September 13 million people have played the game

As well as revealing the total number of players (and counting) Bungie has given out some big numbers for Destiny in its end-of-year report.

At the time the report found its way online a total of 22,932,276 Guardians have been created by a total of 12,869,066 players that have given Destiny a go, which has resulted in 872,404,449 hours spent in the game.

“By the time you read these words, those numbers will have grown,” reminded Bungie. “Also at this exact moment, over five hundred developers are hard at work to make sure that the world you inhabit will continue to evolve.”

The developer provided some more interesting statistics which can be read below:

  • In the span of time you have spent playing Destiny, the Curiosity Rover could have made the voyage to Mars more than one hundred thousand times

  • If the Guardians populating Destiny occupied a single city, it would be as large as New York City and Los Angeles, combined

  • Atheon has been shattered 2.4 Million times

    • At least a dozen of those kills were without cheese

  • Crota has been Ended 769 times, and rapidly counting

    • But only once by a Fireteam of one (step it up, everyone else)

Bungie has also alerted players that new goodies are on the way: “We should note that you should be on the lookout for some small stocking stuffers sometime after the Holidays have come and gone – a small token of our gratitude.”

The developer also let on that Destiny’s next major update will arrive during January and that it should contain “some stuff you’ve been asking us for.”

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