Marvel vs. Capcom Origins due to leave PSN and Xbox Live

Marvel vs. Capcom Origins cover 1

Marvel and Capcom's fighting game will be removed from Sony and Microsoft digital stores before the new year.

Capcom's Unity Blog has confirmed that Marvel vs. Capcom Origins is due to be removed from Sony's PlayStation Network and Microsoft's Xbox Live Arcade.

The game will depart PSN on 23rd December, and the Xbox Live Arcade version will be removed on 31st December.

If you've already bought the game before those dates you'll still be able to re-download it, but anyone wishing to buy it who hasn't done so before won't be able to.

The Capcom blog doesn't give any explanation for why the game is being removed, but we imagine it's something to do with licensing between Capcom and Marvel.

So, with all that said, if Marvel vs. Capcom Origins is on your list of games to buy, you may want to be quick about grabbing it before it's gone.

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