Top Instagram accounts have seen millions of their follower accounts deleted.

Instagram have begun to delete accounts on the service that they believe are posting spam. They announced their plans to clean up the social media service about a week ago, when it was revealed that it had more users than Twitter.

BBC News reports that some legit users aren’t happy about the purge, calling it the “Instagram Rapture”.

Facebook, Instagrams parent company, often removes spam accounts – it halts users buying followers, which will make their accounts appear to be more popular than they actually are.

Apparently rapper Akon lost around 56% of his followers on Instagram after many accounts were deleted.

Zach Allia has put together some figures of the top 100 Instagram accounts from yesterday, and compared the amount of followers they now have today, since the account deletions occurred.

Some of the accounts to lose the most followers included Justin Bieber who lost 3.5 million, Akon with 2.4 million, and an account called ‘chiragchirag78’ lost 3.6 million leaving it with only 8 followers, until it was deleted too.

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