Evolve's Wraith in all its screenshot glory

Evolve Wraith Image (10)

Evolve's newest monster has more details revealed, and the open beta starts on Xbox One in January.

It's time to get a closer look at the new monster revealed for Evolve, the Wraith.

New screenshots have emerged which show the new creature in greater detail.

In the new trailer yesterday we saw that he can float, or perhaps fully fly around, as well as having the ability to create a clone of himself and go invisible.

The Evolve open beta kicks off exclusively on Xbox One from 15th January until 19th.

The infographic below explains his abilities and stats in more depth.

The screenshots and concept art of the new beast below will give you an idea of what you'll be up against when you play the game. Or, if you want to play as the Wraith yourself, you can see exactly what type of hellish-looking creature you will control.

Thanks, AGB.

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