Report - GTA Online Heists DLC due 23rd December across PS & Xbox

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Information about the heists DLC missions and content, along with a Christmas update, has been leaked. To include 6 heist missions, snowfall, and more.

Update - 16/12/2014 16:30

A new trailer and details about the Heists mode have been revealed by Rockstar Games today. Take a look over here.

Original Story - 15/12/2014 10:43

That's right, you the read that headline, we have more GTA V heists information here for you. GTA V modder, NillxModz, has leaked information about the long-awaited heist missions for GTA Online.

Over on NillxForums the modder has compiled a list of features that are to be included with the DLC he reports is due for release on 23rd December, for PS3, PS4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Included in the list is info about 6 heist missions, updates for apartments to include heist planning boards, a new apartment with CCTV and AI characters, along with new heist-themed clothing and more. Check out the full list below:

  • Heist (Planning Board) layout update for both High-End apartment interiors. This will be available across all platforms.
  • Brand new 'Heist' selection menu featuring it's own Social Club-based leaderboard and misc options showing the list of un-completed Heist missions). This will be available across all platforms.
  • 34 Texture Modifications to 4 different locations, this is in favour of added effect during Heist missions. This will be available across all platforms but the texture detail is improved on current-generation.
  • 6 Heist missions in 4 unique locations.
  • 5 Cops and Crooks missions in 4 unique locations.
  • Improved anti-cheat methods. Some code for this is included in the DLC, but is not associated with the Heist feature itself.
  • Three brand new vehicles. The names of these vehicles are still identified by their Dev tag and are not yet finalized but the approximate vehicle class is; Sports Classic and Sports.
  • Brand new Apartment - CCTV function with two AI-characters in your apartment running them. This feature is available for current-generation only.
  • Three Heist-themed clothing items - these items are still identified by their Dev tag but are the following types; Special Outfit (available from the counter).
  • Two Cops and Crooks-themed masks. These mask items are available in current-generation only.
  • BZ Gas will now be purchasable from Ammu-Nation but can only be used in Heist missions - you are responsible for stocking-up on these and if you run out, your team mates will need to complete that objective for you.
  • 5 new hairstyles - these are still identified by their Dev tag.
  • 2 new contact lenses - these are still identified by their Dev tag.
  • Additional matchmaking for Heist missions between Crews - this is a feature implemented in 1.17 but will be activated in 1.19/1.05.
  • A new phone contact named 'Jeff' will be available, offering a chance to resurrect a killed-off Crew member during your Heist operation. The voice of this contact or any other options associated are still unknown at this point.
  • Last-generation players will have the option to 'Email' other Crew members about your planned Heist mission, whoever emails you a Heist plan will be the leader of the operation.
  • Current-generation players will have the option to 'Email' other Crew members about your planned Heist mission and have the ability to print those out in your Apartment and store in your documents, whoever emails you a Heist plan will be the leader of the operation.
  • All players will have the ability to use their Heist planning board in order to select a location, chosen online-Crew members and their role and the length of time before the Heist request expires from their 'Email' app on their phone.
  • 4 new audio files, relating to the Heist missions. These are identified as an alarm bell, the sound of a vault opening, sirens and a background track.

More information has also been leaked about the Holiday DLC update which is due on the same day as the heists DLC. It will include snow that gradually changes over Christmas Day and Boxing Day, starting off powdery, and gradually becoming more compact with ice, turning to slush, and then eventually ending up at the side of the roads. A list of content for Christmas is below as per NillxForums:


  • Gradient Controlled Snow - This means that at 05:00AM UTC on December 25th 2014 the streets of Los Santos and Blaine County will be filled with beautiful, powdery snow. At 12:30PM UTC which is a few hours after the snow starts, you will begin to notice ice on the roads, this is when the gradient part kicks in. By 18:00PM UTC, you will notice the road will be slushy and your vehicle will start sliding everywhere. By 00:00AM UTC on 26th December, the snow will be at the side of the street and the main roads will be clear again. This is a new approach to a more realistic way of a snowy Christmas.
  • Last-generation Snow - This means that players will see a white layer of snow on the roads, buildings and other items that are outside. This will expire on 26th December at 05:30AM UTC.
  • Red Sky Effect - This means that current-generation players will see a bright orangey red glow in the sky while snow is falling, this is something we see in real life while snow is falling due to reflection and other scientific factors (good how Rockstar thought of that) this will be during the in-game night time, during the day the clouds will be dark grey.
  • Christmas Apartment - There will be a new in-game High-end apartment which will be permanent but from December 25th till January 7th there will be limited-time props in the apartment; Christmas-pine tree with lights and a few present-like textures beneath the tree, a fireplace with stockings pinned to the front (we believe that Rockstar designed this last minute) and various Holiday-themed decorations scattered around the interior. There is no confirmed price for this apartment at this time.
  • Exclusive CnC Mission - At first we portrayed this as a generic bonus mission, but after deeper analysis we found code and texture models relating to a Christmas-themed Cops and Crooks mission - this doesn't mean there is only one mission, it means this is a special bonus for Christmas. We believe, from generic code, this is located around the Rockford Hills area.
  • Christmas Clothing - This will be all of the items we saw last year on last generation but this time there is 4 new items, these are still in non-identifiable format though.
  • Christmas Lights - From source code, we've found bits and pieces of reference to street Christmas lights, we haven;t been able to find or view textures for these lights, so they may be withdrawn at last minute but the following natives were found:


  • (These are natives used to identify street lights, be warned that this isn't a confirmed feature, but a highly possible one as it;s been coded into the relevant files)
  • Christmas Vehicle Modifications - We've found audio relating to two Christmas-themed horns; 'Tis The Season and Deck the Halls. Each horn lasts 7.4 seconds, so this will be a costly horn. You will be able to keep this horn forever once applied. We also found a 'Happy Holidays' cover for the roof of your vehicle.
  • Weapon - One new weapon we believe to be linked with the Firework Launcher, the name is currently under a hashed Dev tag but we believe, from textures, that this is a Ball-Ball-related shooter - we attempted to analyse as much about this as possible but a lot was missing and still un-prepared.
  • Bonus Items - You will receive bonus items for visiting GTO on Christmas Day, we do not have information about the content.

Whether all this information is 100% legit remains to be seen, but it's worth noting that YouTuber DomisLive's latest video, which reported on the leaks, appears to have landed him with a closure of his YouTube account. And NillxModz's PSN account has been banned too, with him also stating that Rockstar Games are 'taking severe action' against him because of the leaks.

 What do you think about all the information, is it legit?

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