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SimCity Sunday Screenshots (19)

We take a look at Maxis and EA's latest SimCity title which, despite its initial controversy, is a good looking game.

We have some more pretty pixels for you this week in our look at all things gaming photography... well, screenshots. 

This week we're looking at a game that had a rather troublesome launch when it was released in March last year - SimCity.

The latest in the SimCity series, the 2013 addition used a whole new 'GlassBox' engine, and required players to have a constant internet connection in order to play, which didn't go down too well. Plenty of sever problems at launch meant players couldn't even get into the game, and even if they did they were probably booted out after a while when the servers messed up again - it was a disaster.

Issues with the game's engine also cropped up, such as traffic and Sim problems. And the city sizes were remarkably smaller than the previous games, opting for a more region-wide approach to display a large built-up area, rather than sticking to just one city to build a huge megalopolis.

Over a year on and the game is a much more stable affair, and you can play offline too. In the small amount of time I've played the game recently it's a much more enjoyable, crash/bug/disconnection-free experience.

The screenshots below are of my time playing the game at release, well, shortly afterwards when I could actually get on it. Whether you're a fan of my city planning or not, you must admit it's a very lovely looking game - and the graphics aren't even set to their highest on my machine. 

I especially love the filter option which you can use to change how the whole game looks, for your in-game screenshots, or even just to play it entirely with a film noir style.

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