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Welcome to this weekend's playlist piece, where the HITC Tech writers share what they're playing over the weekend.

It's just Matt and I this week, but the games we're playing are more than enough to satisfy your urge to know what we're up to.

Matt is treading on new ground with one of Telltale's episodic story-centric delights, and I'm venturing back into Destiny to make sure some 'Crota' bloke doesn't end humanity.

Matt – Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2

This weekend I will be playing Telltale’s The Walking Dead Season 2. Now I’ve not played a Telltale game before so I’m intrigued to see what all the fuss is about, especially with Game of Thrones coming out. I’m told you don’t need to have played Season one to enjoy the game so let’s hope that’s true.

I’m a huge Walking Dead fan so I’m looking forward to immersing myself in its post-apocalyptic world. I’m presuming the key to the game will be much like the graphic novels or the TV series in that it’s all about survival.

I’ve not started playing it yet so I can’t comment on the game itself but here’s the basic synopsis. You are Clementine, a young survivor of a plague that has destroyed everything you knew and loved. The world does not care you are only 11 years old, does not care you are cold and hungry, and does not care that death is around every corner.

The undead feed on living, the living cannot be trusted. Starving, never safe, and still looking for hope…. What would you do?

What will I do indeed? I guess only the weekend will tell. It may be a long one depending on whether or not I can sleep afterwards.

Adam - Destiny: The Dark Below

The first expansion pack for Bungie's Destiny was released on Tuesday, and I've been playing it over the last few days. But, this weekend I'll be spending most of my time working through everything it has to offer in order to bring you a review next week.

I guess this small blurb can be seen as something of a first impressions for The Dark Below, if you like.

I haven't played Destiny for what feels like an age. The number of new games that came out over the last three months has kept us all rather busy, so coming back into the game after quite some time felt great. I was mostly positive in my review of Destiny, but addressed the lack of answers in the story, and lack of story for that matter. My hope with The Dark Below is that more light will be shed on that aspect.

So far I'm having fun with Destiny again - for all the game's sore points, you can't deny that its incredibly refined FPS mechanics are fun. I'm still waiting for the story to really kick in, however. I've played a few of the new missions which send me back through old areas, with some new ones added on - it's all familiar, and fun, but I'm not getting a whole lot in terms of my want for context and how it all fits into the wider narrative.

Oh, the new Sparrow, the EV-30 Tumbler, that's fun! I always enjoyed riding about on the Sparrows, but now when I hit a jump I can attempt barrell rolls and flips. It's the little things, right?

Anyway, I'll continue to slay the Hive this weekend and bring you my full review next week. See you at the Tower, Guardians.

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