Scottish Labour deputy candidate reiterates support for a republic

Katy Clark MP, one of two candidates in the deputy leadership race, tweeted her views in response to Republic Scotland asking.

On the Sunday, Republic Scotland tweeted:

"Hi @KatyClarkMP, are you able to clarify your position on the monarchy for anyone who may be considering voting for you?"

She replied on Tuesday saying:

"@RepublicScot I believe the head of state should be democratically elected"

According to Largs and Millport Weekly News, back in 2011, she said:

"I have never thought we should have a Royal Family as they are the ultimate symbol of inequality and class division. Compared to many other countries we live in an incredibly class ridden society with huge inequalities in wealth and power."

Republic Scotland, who are part of the greater Republic movement, are ‘Campaigning for a democratic alternative to the monarchy’, according to their twitter page.

The deadline for voting in the election for deputy Scottish Labour leader was noon on Wednesday, and the results will be announced on Saturday, alongside the results for leader.

The only other candidate standing for deputy leader of the Scottish Labour party is Kezia Dugdale MSP. Jim Murphy MP, Neil Findlay MSP and Sarah Boyack MSP are the three candidates running for the leadership position.

The winners will lead the party into the general election next year and the Holyrood election in 2016 where they will hope to take the top spot from Nicola Sturgeon and the SNP.

Republic Scotland also tweeted the other four candidates, but Katy Clark was the only representative to offer a response. Whether this changed anything hours before voting closed is unlikely, particularly as the issue of the monarchy is not a priority right now for most people, but it could have some sort of an impact in the future.

Whether Katy Clark becomes deputy leader of Scottish Labour will be seen on Saturday.

Republicanism is hardly a strong force in Britain, but it does exist.

A 2011 Guardian-ICM poll, before the royal wedding, showed some support for an alternative system with 26% thinking the country would be better off without the royals. However, 63% said they thought the country would be worse of without the royals.

A real debate on the monarchy is unlikely any time soon, but when it comes, it will be tense.

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Should the UK keep the monarchy? If Katy Clark does win the deputy leadership vote, could that effect Scottish Labour’s future policy if a real debate on the monarchy ever occurred?