Street Fight V gameplay outed, Ulta Street Fighter IV gets PS4 release

Street Fight V reveal trailer logo screen 1

Sony appear to have cleaned up in the Street Fighter new gen console exclusivity stakes.

Remember the shocker earlier on this year when the new Tomb Raider was announced as Xbox One only? (although it likely will find its way elsewhere) Well, how about this for a response from Sony; Street Fighter V is officially going to be a console exclusive on PS4 - PC gamers will get it too.

Along with some early gameplay footage it has also been revealed that the next Street Fighter title will support cross-platform multiplayer between PC and PS4. You can check out Ryu and Chun Li taking to the streets new gen-style in the Street Fighter V video below.

Sony has also announced a port to PS4 of Ultra Street Fighter IV is incoming, here's the reveal trailer..


It’s still early doors for Street Fighter V, but Ultra Street Fighter IV should be finding its way to PS4 in spring 2015.

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