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The HITC Gaming team talk about what they're playing this weekend, including Game of Thrones and Deadly Premonition.

It's Saturday again already, hoorah! That means it's time for us to let you know what games we're playing this weekend. Last week Steve and I took on Everquest and Lego Batman, but what are we all playing this time?

Matt – Football Manager Handheld 2015

This weekend I shall be donning my donkey jacket and standing in the pouring rain surrounded by overpaid athletes, in a manner of speaking. Yes it’s that time again; the latest edition of the legendary Football Manager franchise is out now.

I’ve been playing Football Manager since it was called Championship Manager so it’s always exciting, and daunting, when a new one is released. The handheld edition has been a great addition to my mobile gaming library - still incredibly in-depth, but easy enough to use quickly.

This year I have started a campaign in a way I’ve not tried before, managing a non-League team. Usually I start with either my home team, Exeter City, or the team I’ve supported since school, West Ham United. My decision to pick a non-League team was inspired by the recent Football Manager documentary, hardcore players all agreed that it was the only true way to play the game. My team of choice has been my current local side, other than Brighton & Hove Albion, Whitehawk FC in the Vanarama Confrence South.

Can I get Whitehawk FC all the way to the Champions League? Unlikely, but ask me again in a few months, by which time I’ll likely have lost my job and social life.

Steve - Deadly Premonition

I picked up the Directors Cut of Deadly Premonition on PS Plus and had a brief play on it during the week. I’ve just got past the opening action sequence, after breaking out of a weird room with the game’s twins that you see in the opening cinematic. The experience was odd and amusing as you go round very easily gunning down strange spirits who whine that they ‘don’t want to die’ and then bend over backwards to allow you to get an easy headshot.

I was drawn to get the game as it’s one I’ve read about as a bit of a cult favourite. It got some polarised reviews when it first arrived, some criticising it for having outdated controls and bad production values, others praising the Twin Peaks style weirdness and open world design. From what I’ve played so far it is definitely weird. You’re playing as FBI man Francis York Morgan who has an ongoing dialogue with an unseen character called Zach - is York schizophrenic? I thought that Zach might be York’s pet name for me (the player) although reading up I see it is actually a character.

I love how you have the best attempt to set up the ‘reality’ of the surroundings (save points come as telephones for example as York calls into the agency), and then get hit up on the HUD, arcade style with cash just for doing things, it kind of jars a bit and adds to the weirdness.

Anyway I’ve just got to the open road leading into town. I’ve yet to experience the living open world the game creates. NPCs have daily routines and shops are only open at certain times of day, I’m intrigued to see how the work that has been put into the town of Greenvale to make it seem real comes across. I haven’t yet fully got my head round York’s hunger and sleepiness gauges either, something you need to manage for him.

I really want to see how this game plays out though, it’s apparently got a lot of farcical comedy moments in amongst the weirdness and puts a bit of an art-house spin on the survival horror. I’m always keen to play the leftfield stuff, there are so many games that might look nice but are very run-of-the-mill and it still shocks me how a game can completely fail at providing better that early learning standard characterisations and an actual story - what are these big name developers paying their writers?

Adam - Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series

This weekend I'll be venturing into the world of Game of Thrones, and my hopes are high. It'll be the first Game of Thrones game I've played, probably because I've heard the others that were made aren't very good.

So, why do I have high hopes for this one? Well, it's been created by Telltale Games, the studio that made The Walking Dead games, which are brilliant. They've also brought out The Wolf Among Us and Tales from the Borderlands too, which I hear are equally as good. So, yeah, high hopes all round.

I haven't played any of it yet, but from what I've seen in the trailers and read of its story I should be in for quite a good experience. I've watched all of the TV series, so it looks like my fandom will be catered to, as there are appearances of characters from said series with their likeness and actual voice acting work from the actors who play them.

In the game I'll take on a story from the perspective of House Forrester, five members of the Forrester family to be exact. They've been fleshed out specifically for the game, as I've read that they are mentioned in passing within the books the TV show is based upon.

I'm looking forward to scratching my Game of Thrones itch with Telltale's take on the universe, whilst I wait for season five to begin on TV next year. And remember, winter is coming. Or is it already here? I don't know.

And there you have it, that's what we're playing this weekend. What about you?

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