The developer has “absolutely no plans” to introduce matching to Destiny.

Players petitioning Bungie for matchmaking support in Destiny’s Weekly Heroics, Nightfall Strikes, and Vault of Glass raid will unfortunately not be getting it added to the game.

That’s according to Destiny’s lead designer, Luke Smith who recently spoke to Game Informer to say there’s “absolutely no plans” to add matchmaking in the near future.

“We’re certainly noticing that there is voracity in the fanbase for content that makes them think-content that challenges them in some different ways,” explained Smith. ”I think rather than say ‘Yeah, we’re going to make matchmaking for raids,’ the way I’m thinking about this problem is how we’re going to create that kind of content and create those kinds of emotions in matchmade activities. I think that’s the challenge. It’s not how do we change the raid-design philosophy to allow for matchmaking.”

Smith did make mention of adding a looking for group feature to allow players to communicate to others that they were looking to team up to take on specific content.

“I think looking at the LFG [looking for game] – style mechanics is something we absolutely want to do,” said Smith. “We would love to get to a place someday where you can advertise your intent to people. Where you can say ‘I want to do this. Are you looking to do this with me?’ But we have absolutely no plans to do raid matchmaking at this time.”

New content for Destiny is due next week with the game’s first expansion, The Dark players a light level increase to 32, a new quest giver, new PVP maps, new story missions, Strikes and more.

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