WWE Monday Night Raw Results 01st Dec 2014


Rating and reviewing the matches and segments from this weeks Raw. CONTAINS SPOILERS.

After the chaos and celebration of last weeks Raw, which saw Daniel Bryan take charge for the night, it was back to business this week as the Anonymous Raw General Manager took charge. We were promised order but would we get it? lets see.

The episode started with the unwelcome bleeps of the Anonymous Raw General Manager's laptop, followed by Michael Cole reading out his/her e-mail on the all to familiar podium. Cole didn't get far though before John Cena came down the ramp to stop Cole and close the laptop, much to the amusement of the crowd. Cena begins to talk yet again about how great Raw will be without The Authority in power but he is quickly interrupted by Seth Rollins, accompanied by J&J Security. Cena & Rollins then argued over Cena's point with Rollins pointing out the obvious return of the Anonymous General Manager and how bad that was last time around. Are we supposed to have forgotten that the Anonymous General Manager was revealed to be Hornswoggle? Rollins tells Cena to re-instate The Authority and Cena tells him to beg. The confrontation is cut short by the bleep of the laptop once again as Michael Cole begins to read out another e-mail. This time he announces that Cena will face Rollins at TLC in a tables match with the added stipulation that should Cena lose he will no longer be number one contender. With Cena distracted Rollins attacks but Cena deals with him and his security quickly before Kane appears, chokeslamming Cena to the ground. Kane was quickly followed out by Ryback coming down to the ramp and making easy work of Rollins, Kane and J&J before Kane eventually hits Ryback with a steel chair. We then heard the music of Eric Rowan as he ran to the ring and a full on brawl began with everyone in the ring. The crowd started to Boo as Big Show came to the ring, he was quickly followed by Dolph Ziggler and finally Luke Harper. The brawl came to an end with the ring being cleared as Cena was given a KO Punch by Big Show and then put through a table by Rollins and J&J Security. It would appear that we haven't seen the last of The Authority or Team Cena.

Segment Rating 8/10


Tag Team Turmoil Match For Number 1 Contendership

For those who don't know a Tag Team Turmoil match starts with two tag teams and when one is eliminated another comes to the ring until only one Tag Team remain.

Gold & Stardust Vs New Day 

Before the match started New Day played Rock Paper, Scissors to decide which two members would participate. Xavier Woods lost so it would be Kofi Kingston and Big E. New Day were incredibly impressive and the concept of their tag stable is very well thought through. It was great to see another entertaining Tag Team, which can only help to re-invigorate the Tag Team championship. Gold & Stardust were impressive as always but New Day were victorious after Kofi pinned Stardust.

New Day Vs Cesaro & Tyson Kidd 

The makeshift tag team of Cesaro & Tyson Kidd were up next and worked surprisingly well together. So well in fact that Kidd pinned Kofi after a distraction on the outside from Gold & Stardust who had attacked Xavier Woods.

Cesaro & Tyson Kidd Vs The Usos

Kidd & Cesaro continued to impress, largely dominating The Usos throughout their segment. Predictibly though it was The Usos who would be victorious after Jey pinned Kidd with a Splash from the corner.

The Usos Vs Adam Rose & The Bunny

Whilst this type of match should showcase the talent in the Tag Team Championship it certainly doesn't help when you include comedy acts like the ongoing saga of Adam Rose and his Bunny. Jimmy Uso finished the match off, pinning Adam Rose after some familiar high flying action. 

The Usos are rather predictibly number one contenders and will face Miz & Mizdow at TLC. The question has to be raised as to why Los Matadores were not in this match? It seems farcical that a real Tag Team who are extremely talented were overlooked for Adam Rose and his Bunny.

Match Rating 8/10


Eric Rowan was next up, being interviewed backstage. The interviewer was speaking to the silent Rowan, who was playing with a Rubix Cube the whole time, revealing some new aspects of Rowans developing character. We now know that, rather than a backwards redneck, Rowan is more an Autistic genius, with an IQ of 126 and awards as a Vintner, that's a wine maker for those who don't know. He was then asked about his issue with Big Show to which Rowan responded "He's A Bully" before giving the interviewer his completed Rubix Cube.

Segment Rating 7/10


Big Show Vs Eric Rowan

This is becoming a fantastic feud and it is surprising just how big Rowan actually is once he squares up to The Big Show. They are a great match and put on a brilliant show together. Big Show largely dominates the match with some brutal moves, fitting his new Heel turn perfectly, while Rowan gets Big Show off of his feet a few times with some clever moves. Eric Rowan is eventually awarded the match after Big Show is disqualified, hitting Rowan with the Steel Steps. We are looking forward to this feud developing as it has the makings of a classic, if only one of the had a belt for them to fight over.

Match Rating 7/10


Fandango Vs Jack Swagger

This was a non match used to re-ignite an old feud, Fandango is awarded the match as Swagger fails to come to the ring. We are then shown some backstage footage of Swagger looking after a recently attacked Zeb Colter.

Rusev then came to the ring with Lana in tow, they start mocking Zeb Colter until eventually Jack Swagger ran down the ramp and attacked Rusev. Security quickly stepped in as Rusev ran away.

Segment/Match Rating 6/10


Damien Mizdow Vs Fernando

This was the moment that the crowd have been chanting for but unfortunately it was overlooked in favour of The Miz, who was guest announcer for the match. You have to feel sorry for both Mizdow and Fernando, two incredibly talented wrestlers who frankly deserve better than what they got. The match itself, from what we saw of it, seemed OK. Mizdow largely controlled and Fernando leapt around the ring like only classic Lucha's can. Mizdow eventually wins the match by applying a Figure Four Leg Lock, forcing Fernando to tap. Quite why Los Matadores were left out of the earlier Tag Tournament for this we will never know.

Match Rating 6/10


R-Truth Vs Bray Wyatt

A rather surprising appearance from former WWE Champion R-Truth, quite where he's been recently is a mystery but it was good to see him. R-Truth showed some flashes of his former brilliance, acrobatically knocking Wyatt down on a few occaisions. Wyatt was largely dominant however and made short work of his opponent, pinning R-Truth after a Sister Abigail. Following the match Wyatt set up a ladder in the ring and told a story on his rocking chair. As always Wyatt is a master on the mic and he baits Ambrose into the ring. His plan backfired though as Ambrose ambushed him, knocking him out of the ring before destroying Wyatt's rocking chair. Wyatt looks visably shaken by this and JBL comments that maybe Ambrose has finally found a way into Wyatt's head.

Match/Segment Rating 7/10


The Bella Twins Vs AJ Lee & Naomi

Before the match the WWE Universe had been voting on a partner for AJ and they chose Naomi. There really wasn't much to talk about with this match. The Bellas acted like a tag team but added the odd knock to each other, attempting to continue their feud in a half hearted manner. Naomi was good but not her usually impressive self and AJ did very little before applying the Black Widow on Nikki, getting the Diva's Champion to tap. It still feels as though AJ is close to leaving WWE, her last few appearances, including Survivor Series, have been half hearted and understated.

Match Rating 5/10


John Cena, Ryback & Dolph Ziggler Vs Seth Rollins, Kane & Luke Harper

Essentially another round of Team Authority Vs Team Cena, this was a decent match that for the most part was fast paced and brutal. Each wrestler put on a great match but the real highlight was Ryback and Luke Harper, if we can get a decent feud between them it would make an exciting story with some brilliant matches. Dolph Ziggler eventually won the match for his team pinning Luke Harper. As soon as the bell rang yet another brawl started and, yet again, Big Show came to the ring to join in. Big Show destroys Cena, Ryback and Ziggler before Eric Rowan appeared at the top of the entrance ramp with some steel steps of his own. Rowan takes out Harper, Kane and Rollins with the steps before going after Big Show. Big Show stopped him and was about to chokeslam Rowan and Cena at the same time but Ziggler hit him with a Super Kick. Cena followed this up with a stunning AA on Big Show, finally Rowan got his chance and hit Big Show with the Steel steps.

Match Rating 8/10


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