Sony's paper watch is trying to bring e-paper into fashion

Sony Fes Watch

It's been revealed that Sony are behind the new e-paper watch.

Sony have made a new watch made from electronic paper (e-paper) as part of their new 'Fashion Entertainments' project, which looks at how e-paper can be used to create fashion products.

Called the Fes Watch, it can change its appearance depending on the user's gesture, and comes with 24 different design patterns which can be chosen manually.

Although it may not look as high-tech and attractive as other smartwatches, it's battery could last much, much longer, up to 60 days in fact.

If you're wondering why you've never heard of this until now, it's because Sony have been keeping it secret, using the Fashion Entertainments name as a cover. The internet crowdfunding site the watch was put on asked for 2 million yen ($17,000) in order to further develop the product, but it's already raised over 3.5 million yen in three weeks from 150 backers.

The Wall Street Journal says the official release date for the watch was not provided by Sony, but the crowdfunding site allows backers to preorder and receive the watch after May 2015.

A person speaking to WSJ said, "We hid Sony’s name because we wanted to test the real value of the product, whether there will be demand for our concept."

It's not just watches the company are looking into, they're also developing e-ink bow ties, hat accessories, and paper holders. It's all part of Sony's initiative to encourage its employees to come up with new product and business ideas. Sony Real Estate is a product of the new drive, it's a real-estate service company which launch in April.

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