Police to ensure drink-drivers are 'named and shamed' using Twitter

Those charged with drink-driving during Sussex and Surrey police's yearly campaign will be displayed on Twitter.

This Christmas period the Sussex and Surrey police will make sure drivers under the influence of drink or drugs will be 'named and shamed' using Twitter.

The detail of the accused drivers will be put onto Twitter, which will also name where they were stopped, and when.

BBC News says that the anti drink-driving campaign for Christmas will also be putting up posters where offenders were stopped last year.

2,011 people were arrested in December 2013 for the offence in Sussex alone, with 135 of them being convicted and the five currently still going through the court system, said Sussex Police.

The campaign launches today, and extra time is being set aside to deal with those charged at Crawley Magistrates' Court is West Sussex.

"There is often a delay of a matter of weeks between an individual being charged and them appearing in court," said Sgt Jane Derrick.

"But these slots mean those charged with offences early in December could be dealt with by magistrates and banned from the roads in time for Christmas."

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