Nigel Farage’s Christmas card depicts white van driving over party leaders

It is barely December, but why hang about? With the advent of advent, politicians’ thoughts begin to turn to the mantelpieces of their supporters, and the images of good cheer and subtle pleas for backing with which they can be adorned.

On Monday it fell to Nigel Farage to kick off the season of peace and joy with the release to the media of his Christmas card image – a cartoon of a white van driving over the outstretched forms of David Cameron, Nick Clegg and Ed Miliband.

The card is, of course, a not-remotely-subtle reference to the tweet sent by Labour’s Emily Thornberry during the recent Rochester and Strood byelection campaign. It thus neatly evokes, alongside the warm-hearted message of goodwill to all people, the festive spirit of triumphant glee and seasonal hand-rubbing.

Quite how many Ukippers will receive the card is not clear. A party spokesman said the card’s design – by the Daily Telegraph cartoonist Christian Adams – had been selected but the cards had not yet been sent out. Still time, in other words, to get yourself on the list.

We have not, so far, been afforded a glimpse of the choices of the three main party leaders, whose cards are yet to come – “I’d say it’s a case of watch this space,” said a spokesman for the deputy prime minister.

But the office of Tony Blair confirmed that an image of the former prime minister and his wife, Cherie, posed in front of what can only be described as some very grand windows, was the couple’s official choice for 2014. Blair sports an open-necked check shirt, relaxed hand-in-pocket stance and faintly uncomfortable smile. The message is the appropriately inter-faith “Seasons’ Greetings”.

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