It's time for the Game of Thrones launch trailer

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Telltale Games' take on Game of Thrones is finally here, and the launch trailer reveals a little more of what to expect.

It's here, the first episode for a Telltale Game of Thrones game that could actually be good. Oh, and a launch trailer has arrived too.

Called 'Iron From Ice', the first episode of six to this new series is now available on PC and Mac worldwide. The rest of the release dates and platforms are below:

  • Tues, Dec 2nd - PC/Mac, PS4 North America (SCEA)
  • Wed, Dec 3rd - Xbox One & Xbox 360 worldwide, PS4 Europe (SCEE)
  • Thurs, Dec 4th - iOS via the App Store
  • Tues, Dec 9th - PS3 North America
  • Wed, Dec 10th - PS3 Europe

Players will take on the roles of five members of House Forrester, a house which controls the Ironwood forest in the north of Westeros.

The game features settings and characters from the TV series, and the voice work has been provided by the actors that play the characters on the show. The story takes place near the end of season three of the TV show, and goes through season four to just before season five.

Here's the launch trailer, which gives you further glimpses to the series' settings, and also drops in some of the more prominent faces in the TV show.

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