The Crew and Game of Thrones join PS4 this week

The Crew cover 2

Secret Ponchos and Final Horizon also due alongside Ivory Tower’s next gen racer and Telltale’s new adventures in Westeros.

December is here, and the final new games for PS4 this year are slowing trickling through after a couple of months where we’ve been spoilt for choice. If you’re a racing and/or Game of Thrones fan then the first week of December still has something to offer.

The Crew

After impressing critics at E3 this year, The Crew was subject to a short delay while Ivory Tower worked in tweaks arising from feedback from the game’s initial beta test. Now following subsequent closed and open betas the game is ready and players will get the chance to fully experience the open world racing fun across a giant map of the USA. Bringing in role-playing and MMO elements players can form their own multiplayer ‘crews’ to take part in challenges or check out the single player campaign which has you nfiltrating criminal groups with protagonist Alex Taylor (Troy Baker). Also coming will be tie-in apps for iOS and Android allowing you to build you own cars.

Final Horizon

An evolution of Tower Defense games, Final Horizon’s real time strategy has you defending your colonists in full 3D as an onslaught of alien Insector invaders come at you with an array of powerful war machines and nasty weapons..

Game of Thrones: A Telltale Games Series, Episode One

Telltale’s signature episodic point and click gameplay extends to the world of Westeros as seen in the wildly popular Game of Thrones HBO show. Play as members of House Forrester, attempting to save their kin from doom as the noble house seated at  the stronghold of Ironrath is caught up in events during the War of the Five Kings.

Secret Ponchos

A top down twin stick style shooter set in the wild west with stylised graphic novel visuals. Secret Ponchos has a strong focus on Player vs Player action, where those that perform well have a bounty placed on their head, making them a target for others looking to raise their reputation. PS4 players signed up with PlayStation Plus will be able to download Secret Ponchos free in December.

That’s what’s new on PS4 this week. Let us know what you think about the selection on offer in the comments below.

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