Star Citizen jumps all the way $65 million in funding

Star Citizen

The $64 million goal has been greatly-surpassed, which means a pets system is on the way.

It's been less than a week since sci-fi space sim Star Citizen hit its $63 million stretch goal, and brought new content promises with it. But now the crowdfunding campaign has hit another milestone with $65 million being contributed to the game's development.

In the update about the $64 million stretch goal, game director Chris Roberts said once it was hit that would mean a full pet system would be coming to the game. Well, it's been hit, and also the $65 million stretch goal has too, and the only thing we know about that is what Chris said in the last update, that it's "a major feature" surrounding modular ships. Oh, and that more would be revealed in the next letter from him.

It's probably about time for that next letter, wouldn't you say? So we expect more news on Star Citizen's $65 million goal sometime this week.

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