Selfie-sticks could land South Koreans with fines or jail time

Bluetooth selfie-sticks need to be registered in South Korea in order to be produced and sold.

Selfie-sticks sellers in South Korea are at risk of being fined if the products they're selling haven't been registered. Selfie-sticks, you know, those sticks people put their phones on the end to take selfies at more than an arm's length away... Yep, those.

Guidlines have been issued by South Korea's radio management agency which outlaws the sale of unregistered devices. This law only applies to the sticks which use Bluetooth to remotely trigger users' phones to take a photo.

Because the sticks use the wireless short-range radio technology, the agency said that unregistered versions could interfere with other devices that use the same radio frequencies. These Selfie-sticks come under the register as a 'telecommunication device' and must be tested, with subsequent registering.

The Central Radio Management Office told AFP newswire that "The announcement last Friday was really just to let people know that they need to be careful about what they sell." Those caught producing or selling unregistered selfie-sticks could face up to a $27,000 fine, or up to three years in prison.

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